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In A Biskit officially returns to Australian shelves

There’s been speculation that savoury snacking legend In A Biskit is returning, and we’ve broken down the clues surrounding its confirmed comeback.

There’s been speculation that savoury snacking legend In A Biskit is returning, and recently it was confirmed that the iconic snack is available at all leading supermarkets from today in two mouthwatering flavours: Chicken and Drumsticks.

You will now be able to spot your favourite childhood snack at your local supermarket and we couldn’t be more excited.

The last time these mouth-watering snacks graced supermarket shelves was in 2015, and since then, thousands of Aussies have petitioned to bring the iconic snack back, with the inception of numerous social forums such as “BRING BACK RITZ IN A BISKIT RANGE,” “Bring Back Ritz Drumstix” and “Bring Back Chicken In A Biskit.”

A few weeks ago, media personality Jimmy Rees was spotted getting behind the #InABiskitComeBack cause, posting about the snack accross his Instagram. However, we think his posts may have been more than mere wishful thinking due to these two key insights below. 

The packaging

Firstly, Jimmy flashed us his two favourite flavours Drumstick and Chicken, but the packaging isn’t the old In A Biskit packaging. If you look carefully below, the new imagery no longer features old supplier KRAFT and features *Special Edition* packaging.

Jimmy’s vs. the original drumstix

Jimmy’s vs. the original chicken

The #ad

Secondly, another detail we spotted was the inclusion of #ad in his story which to us, indicates he was paid by the company to promote their In A Biskit comeback. 

With the return of these legendary snacks finally announced run don’t walk to get yours, as they’re sure to be flying off the shelves!

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