Isolation Doesn’t Stop Local Professional Theatre Company From Entertaining The Masses

As One is a dark and ridiculous comedy about tribal belonging, brought to you by the company that presented Deluge in the 2016 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

As One is a dark and ridiculous comedy about tribal belonging, brought to you by the company that presented Deluge in the 2016 Adelaide Festival of Arts.

It is an experiment – written for theatre, directed for Zoom – presented to you live from the homes of the six cast members on Facebook Live.

Across three acts, six characters’ lives are thrown from bad to worse as they find themselves entangled in a web of connection so convoluted the play could only be set in Adelaide.

There will be births, deaths, marriages, plane crashes and shark attacks.

Also, there are songs.

Tiny Bricks is the creative partnership of playwright Phillip Kavanagh and director Nescha Jelk. During a successful collaboration on Jesikah for State Theatre Company of South Australia (STCSA) in 2014, they bonded over a shared love of darkly comic theatre that is driven by the investigation of ideas and experimentation with form. They began developing Deluge, a work exploring information overload in the digital age, which went on to be presented in the 2016 Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

As One started its life as a commission with STCSA, as part of Kavanagh winning the 2014 Jill Blewett Playwright’s Award, intended as a work to be presented on stage. But now, in the midst of global social distancing, Jelk and Kavanagh realised the relevance of the work at this moment of history; being a black comedy about isolation, belonging, and how we muddle through living in a world of competing ethical choices. It made equal sense to use the technology that’s been in so many of our homes since COVID-19, so the artists are creating the work remotely on Zoom, which will be live streamed via Facebook Live. The production is supported by a Covid-19 Quick Response Grant through the Department of Premier and Cabinet Arts and Cultural Policy.

Designed by Green Room award winning artist Meg Wilson (Terrestrial, The Wolves), the performance features a fun cut-and-paste DIY aesthetic, with the actors using found objects and materials from their homes to create the world of the play (including births, deaths, marriages, plane crashes and shark attacks).

The cast includes Adelaide favourites Jacqy Phillips (Tartuffe), Yasmin Gureeboo (Yerma), Kathryn Adams (The Wolves), Shabana Azeez (The Wolves), Rory Walker (Jasper Jones) and James Smith (Jasper Jones).

As One features songs composed by Will Spartalis (Blunderland, Deluge, Jesikah) who has recently returned home to Adelaide after spending the last 3 years with New York’s cult-favourite live art club the House of Yes.

Phillip and Nescha are excited to present the work, stating “the challenge of creating work online has led to some really fun discoveries that are surprisingly low-fi. It feels like rough theatre, only digital. It’s been a really playful process for us and a way to make sense of what’s happening globally; getting back into the room (albeit a virtual one) to create theatre that we can share with local, interstate and international audiences.”

The performances will be streamed live onto the As One Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/2631841730393902

Performance Dates / Times: June 5th @7pm, June 6th @ 7pm, June 7th @ 10:30am

Tiny Bricks know times are tough now, so they aren’t charging ticket fees. Instead, they are giving their audiences the option to make a pay-what-you-can donation. 100% of donations will be given directly to the artists. Donations can be made by visiting their website: www.tinybrickstheatre.com

More information / details about Tiny Bricks, Deluge and As One can be found at their website: www.tinybrickstheatre.com

Enquiries can be made to: [email protected]

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