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Italian restaurant Nonna & I has moved, serving exciting new brunch menu

Nonna and I has moved to a new location in the city, and is now offering colourful brunch options on their menu along with other new dishes.

Italian restaurant Nonna and I has bid farewell to its Magill Road abode and made the move to a new location in the city.

The restaurant is now located at 54 Pultney Street, and since the move, has expanded its offerings to include a brunch menu.

The colourful brunches are nothing short of eye-catching: perfect if you’re seeking an insta-worthy brunch.

Chef Khalil started Nonna and I in 2015 in a small shop in Norwood. He then opened a bigger shop on Magill Road, before making the move to the bustling cityscape as he wanted somewhere more central.

Since Nonna and I made it onto TV screens, being featured on South Aussie with Cosi, Chef Khalil says their customer base has grown, with customers coming from McLaren Vale and as far as Port Fairy.

The new central location, Chef Khalil says, was the perfect fit for everyone to gather and experience the warm hospitality that has become synonymous with Nonna and I.

Embracing the mantra of ‘Come hungry, leave happy,’ this sets the tone for the friendly hospitality you can expect from Nonna and I before you even step through the doors.

“My personal understanding of hospitality is a home. When people come to your house this is how I feel to my customers; they are not just customers, but they are family and friends,” Chef Khalil says.

“This is how family homes are, always busy with family and friends, a Nonna’s home is always busy with family and friends.”

The new location boasts an earthy imperial design, featuring wooden furniture, green accents, and expansive windows offering views of the city and bathing the restaurant in beautiful natural sunlight.

Chef Khalil says Nonna and I’s popularity stems from its inclusive, family-oriented approach, welcoming guests of all demographics and catering for all dietary requirements.

“The whole menu was designed for everyone to come along and enjoy the food and not be stopped because of dietary issues. It was created to bring everyone along and have a family dinner,” he says.

“The whole concept of Nonna and I is about family and about having events together, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We want these special events to be memorable and Nonna and I to be a special place to go to.”

You will experience home-cooked nostalgia at this charming eatery, where each dish is created to evoke the flavors of Grandma’s kitchen. Infused with love, every meal is prepared using super fresh ingredients, including hand-diced tomatoes, fragrant garlic, and a medley of herbs.

On the menu, you will find a range of mouth-watering food, including pizzas, pastas, fish and seafood, and veal and chicken dishes. There’s also a kids menu, so the young ones can get a taste of Italian cuisine.

“We have also added more dishes; our main focus is South Australian ingredients and we have added more to our menu such as Mediterranean. We have more range and more dishes to work with,” Chef Khalil says.

Chef Khalil says two signature dishes are the Chicken Rosanno crusted with Parmesan cheese, sauteed in a rich and creamy Rosanno sauce over garlic mashed potatoes, and the slow cooked, melt in your mouth Beef Cheeks, served in a red wine jus with broccoli over roasted pumpkin or garlic mashed potato.

And if you’re vegan, Nonna and I has you covered, offering vegan appetisers amongst other vegan options.

Plus, you can grab a drink of your choice from the bar and finish your meal with a dessert.

In Italy, the term ‘Nonna’ affectionately translates to ‘grandmother.’ The restaurant takes pride in weaving the heritage of Italian culinary traditions, a legacy passed down by generations of Italy’s beloved nonne, and warmly invites its patrons to savour the authentic flavours of this cuisine.

Chef Khalil expresses a deep gratitude and appreciation for South Australia and the support he has received since first moving here.

WHAT: Nonna and I.
WHERE: 54 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA, 5000.
WHEN: Brunch: Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-2pm
Dinner: Monday-Sunday, 5pm-9pm.

For more information about Nonna and I, click here.

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