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It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding (With The Perfect Makeup)!

Ok, there is no escaping the fact that a wedding is a totally stressful thing but that’s why you have us! Check out some hot makeup looks, plus some cracking tips to help ease the panic of organising a wedding…

As the sun comes out to play, wedding season kicks into full swing… Here at Glam we know that being a bride can be super stressful. Between finding the perfect venue, organising the bridesmaids, finding a dress, booking a photographer… Let’s be honest, the list could go on and on! Well we wanted to help relieve a little bit of the stress that you might be feeling by giving you some hot makeup tips for your big day! If there is one less thing that you have to stress about then that can only be a plus, right?

We enlisted the help of our beauty and makeup expert Kara Fantasia to show you some makeup looks and give you some tips for the day:

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Hello, it will probably be the most photographed day of your life! Sometimes, like everything else that you have to choose for your wedding, making a decision about the perfect makeup look for the day can be a bit overwhelming (or a lot).

Of course there aren’t really any rules when it comes to wedding makeup, but it is important to remember that you’re going to be looking at your wedding photographs for the rest of your life, so go for a timeless look that won’t make you cringe when you’ve got the album out in years to come (ask your mum, she will understand).

A really popular look at the moment is Old Hollywood glam. A vintage wedding theme is still very much in fashion so why not add a touch of that glam to your hair and makeup. A flick of liquid eyeliner, a soft shadow, luscious lashes and a red lip make for that gorgeous 1940s look. This really suits all colourings and don’t be scared of a red lip! If you are a blonde an orange based colour looks amazing – think Marilyn Monroe, if you are a brunette opt for a more blue based red and if you are a redhead a more burgundy lip looks fab.

Going vintage...

Going vintage…

Another look that is always popular is, of course, a more natural, pretty peach look. Everyone’s idea of “natural” is different so make sure to communicate this to your makeup artist. Bridal makeup doesn’t need to be over the top, but it does need to last all day and there are specifics needed for photography so be prepared for a more “enhanced” version of natural. A pretty peach look is perfect for a spring or summer wedding and especially for an outdoor ceremony. Think a beautiful peach glow on the eyes and cheeks and a pop of colour on the lips with a beautiful golden highlight.

A more natural look.

A more natural look.

Once you have chosen your look, choosing the right makeup artist is the next step. When it comes to the big day choosing a professional makeup artist who specialises in bridal is really important. Often the morning of the wedding day can be manic, and a professional who is used to dealing with the different emotions and sticking to a bridal schedule is imperative. You can choose a makeup artist who looks fabulous on Instagram but often they don’t have the experience to know about bridal photography and what works in outdoor lighting as well as flash photography. A full ”Kardashian” contour looks amazing in a bathroom selfie but not great as you walk down the aisle!

Whatever look you choose or whoever you choose to do it, be sure to schedule a makeup trial before the wedding day so that you and your makeup artist will be on the same page. Seriously this is so important. You could always make that appointment on a day that you have somewhere special to go to take advantage of how beautiful you will look, too!

TIP: Take some inspo pics with you to your appointment. Pages from magazines, Instagram screenshots, whatever you have that has inspired you. We know you are trawling through all the photos! Also, take some like mum or a bridesmaid for that much needed second opinion.

Remember this is your red carpet moment so take some time to soak it all up. Pop some bubbles, pump up your favourite music and let your glam squad pamper you and your favourite girls ready for the best day of your life.

Model: Amy Ryan from Finesse Models
Makeup: Kara Fantasia from Runway Room Adelaide
Hair: Renee Leonard from Runway Room Adelaide

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