It’s Going To Be A Warm Autumn At FRED

Everyone’s favourite Adelaide Hills cafe has got a bunch of fresh new choices for lunch, and you’re bound to love their magical reinventions of Asian classics!


FRED Eatery is the breakfast destination in the Adelaide Hills. (Heck, they took out Australia’s best brekkie in the region last year!) With a welcoming ambience, their amazing house-roasted coffee and a stellar menu range of classics and fresh remixes, the FRED team have become pretty much everyone’s first choice to start their day in the Adelaide Hills.

Now you’ve got even more reasons to head back to the popular Aldgate cafe, with the guys having recently announced their fresh Autumn menu. The crazy-talented food wizards in the kitchen at FRED have been busy, and they’ve concocted several new Asian-inspired additions to the lunch offerings to delight your taste buds.

There’s the awesomely named Squidly Diddly Salad, a fresh as seafood noodle salad with chilli, bean shoots, mint and of course, lime & lemongrass squid; a sweet, spicy, sour & crunchy flavour explosion!

Continuing that Eastern flavour theme, there’s also the arrival of the Salt & Pepper Chicken, which is accompanied by a seasonally autumnal slaw of apple, herbs & roasted peanuts, topped with an aromatic Thai Nam Jim dressing.

Finally, you can opt (and we sure will be) for the Banh Banh Mi, their wildly inventive take on the classic Vietnamese meat & salad sarnie. A deconstructed open sandwich on sourdough rye with twice-cooked pork belly (oh, god), mushroom pate (nooo), and house-pickled carrots, coriander and fried shallots (this much delicious should not be allowed).

If you’re a die-hard FRED fan and are now concerned that one of your faves has been nudged aside for the new offerings, don’t worry; the seasonal update has kept all the popular choices from before. You can still grab the hearty Hot & Sour Noodle Broth to satisfy your hanger pains. We’re thrilled to hear that the famous Reuben sandwich remains too, as we just couldn’t go on without all that meaty, cheesy, slawy, pickly goodness in our lives.

To get your hands on all this deliciousness, head to the main road through Aldgate. FRED Eatery are open every day save for Mondays for brekkie and lunch, and open for dinner Fridays. To keep up with the next delicious magic they cook up, follow them on Facebook.

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