It’s Goodbye To The Pot, And Hello To Italian Restaurant And Aperitivo Bar Nido

After two decades, The Pot in Hyde Park is going to be no more.


After two decades, The Pot in Hyde Park is going to be no more.

But never fear – owner Simon Kardachi and head chef Max Sharrad aren’t going anywhere.

The venue has evolved considerably over the years, from its time as fine dining institution Melting Pot, through to the neighbourhood bistro it is now.

And now it’s time for its next chapter.

Combining Sharrad’s heritage and passion for Italian cuisine, and Kardachi’s experience and long standing presence at the King William Road site, they’re bringing a new concept to the area. Chris Woodcock, a previous stalwart of The Pot brand and a familiar face to Hyde Park locals, will also be on board.

The new restaurant will be called Nido, meaning ‘nest’ in Italian.

The suburban restaurant and aperitivo bar will lend itself to artisanal cured meats and salumi, plus bar snacks, with larger plates including hand-made pastas and grilled meats.

In the same spirit of The Pot’s generous hospitality, Nido will be a welcoming space for friends, family and locals to come together, with the philosophy of the Italian bar, as the centre of social life, in mind.

Kardachi and Sharrad believe it’s important to pay respect to their local market, to deliver something that loyal customers of The Pot will love.

Sharrad said Nido will be warm, heartfelt and will become like a second home, with food you love to eat but don’t want to cook yourself.

“I am especially excited to share with the public a few things that they may have not seen before: incredible breakfast pastries called ‘sfoglietelle’ from Campagna, trapizzino – stuffed focaccia that’s half-sandwich, half-pizza – from the streets of Rome, and rich and hearty ragus from the northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the home of my ancestors,” he said.

“Above all I am excited to be involved in an iconic neighbourhood eatery; plating pasta, carving bistecca at the table, and engaging with the locals, in a spirit of generosity.”

But it’s not quite goodbye yet. The Pot will continue to trade as usual until March 31, and there will be a celebratory final Pot ‘Last Friday of the Month Lunch’ on Friday March 29.

Nido will then be open from April 4, trading from midday Tuesday to Friday and from 9am Saturday and Sunday.

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