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It’s National Lamington Day This Thursday

Those who avoid coconut sprinkles, best take the day off on Thursday and leave the lamingtons to the rest of us!

If anyone out there can pinpoint the significant time in history that July 21st became National Lamington Day, we’d sure appreciate it. As far as we’re aware, there is no saint lamington. A lamington never saved anyone.

In fact, a lamington, as far as we’re aware, was invented by accident, most likely named after former Governor of Queensland, Lord Lamington. Or to be more precise, Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Cochrane-Baillie, 2nd Baron Lamington, who served from 1896 to 1901 and thought the cake attributed to his namesake was in fact a “bloody poofy woolly biscuits”. That’s quite the zinger, Charles.

But like many things we love, a lamington never asks for anything in return other than for us to each them. Which is why they’re worth celebrating and exactly why Adelaide’s Kytons Bakery are leading the charge to toast the shaved coconut creation.

“Hey what is more Australian than having a day to celebrate nation’s iconic cake for no particular reason” says Sharon Sutton, owner and general manager of Adelaide’s Kytons bakery. “There are no major public holidays in July, so why not celebrate the lamington?”

Kytons Bakery has been baking in South Australia since 1938, has won numerous awards for its lamingtons (they have been awarded best in Australia twice) and has been famous for its community lamington drives since the mid-1980s. Under the current management of Sharon and her husband Darren who have owned Kytons for the last 13 years, the business has expanded and Kytons award winning lamingtons are now available in four flavours – traditional, orange, raspberry and coffee.

So, the point of it all is, you should head to Foodlands, selected IGAs and gourmet greengrocers and stock up for July 21st to celebrate. Because the lamington is humble, it creates no hullabaloo, but it does deserve to be enjoyed with a warm cup of tea. And the Adelaide bakery also deserves some praise for their award winning cakes as well.

We’d suggest you head to Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets, Foodland Frewille at 177 Glen Osmond Rd or Foodland Pasadena at 20 Fiveash Dr to pick up your pack of Kyton’s Lamingtons.

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