It’s Playtime! Strap Yourself In As We Review MegaAdventure!

We were one of the first to try out the new MegaAdventure Aerial Park when it opened this morning. Check out what we thought…

Are you up for a MEGA Adventure? At Glam Adelaide we have been hanging out to try Adelaide’s ultimate aerial playground, Skymate since we first broke the news (read the story here). So, you can imagine our delight/sheer terror when we were invited to give it a go.

Australia’s first ever aerial park opened in Adelaide this morning and we wasted no time in trying it out. Obviously so we can tell you all about it! You’re so welcome.

So when we said that we had been hanging to try this thing out, we soon realised that was all about to become quite literal as we stared up at the intricate construction… Oh yes, cold hard reality set in. Very quickly.

What had we gotten ourselves into?

What had we gotten ourselves into?

As we were harnessed in and began going through the clipping and unclipping training, that fear, well let’s just say breakfast wasn’t feeling so great in our stomachs. We walked up a flight of stairs and stood patiently waiting our turn. Keeping a can-do attitude didn’t stop the hands from wringing and our mouths from drying up. Maybe we should stick to the trampoline and have a bounce? Or grab a coffee and watch the others. No? Ok….

Did we mention we’re scared of heights? With a deep breath in and exhale out we took that first step off our trusty ledge, (which felt like a milestone in itself)! Hooray! We did it.

Forgetting the fear and making the jump...

Forgetting the fear and making the jump…

So just to give you a bit of a low down, the difficulty for each station is colour labelled from blue through to black, with black being the hardest. The obstacles continued as we swung, scrambled and even scootered are way around the course. Our fear quickly turned to ‘this is awesome’.

Lastly we climbed to the very top of the 26 metre high structure reaching the Skywalk, where we walked around and took in the impressive views of Adelaide. Beautiful, so we’ve reached the top. Now what? As we all know, what comes up must come down and the fastest way to do this is to take a leap of faith and do the ParaJump. Ok, cue the sweaty palms…

But we had come this far so why stop now. The key with this one is not to overthink things or you’ll be holding up the queue, just inhale in and step or better yet jump off! This actually turned out to be the highlight of our day. Who knew stepping out of your comfort zone could be so fun?

So we suggest you put down that coffee and head for West Beach to try out Adelaide’s newest adventure and a much more exhilarating energy boost. You won’t regret it!

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