It’s time for a spooky sleepover in Australia’s most haunted hotel

North Kapunda Hotel is believed by ghost hunters to be one of the nation’s most haunted hotels, and you’re invited to sleep there.

One of Australia’s most haunted hotels, the North Kapunda Hotel, is hosting a sleepover for ghost lovers and ghoul chasers. In truly spooky fashion, the tour begins at right before midnight on Saturday, April 24th. 

Guests will be locked in with paranormal investigators, electro magnetic field detectors, and special voice recorders to tape electronic voice phenomena to try to catch ghosts in the act. 

Guests will go in the “Hallway to Hell,” sit in a corner where dead bodies were supposedly stored, and try to detect the spirit of various spirits, such as Sarah––the supposed daughter of somebody murdered in the hotel, Hue––a miner who reportedly died from getting his leg amputated in one of the rooms, The Man in Black––who is said to have murdered a hotel guest, and Dr. Blood––whom is also said to haunt the North Kapunda Hotel.

Due to many reports of paranormal activity, the hotel has gotten media attention over the years. In 2014, the TV series “Haunting: Australia” investigated the famous pub, and David Hogg and Darren Bacchus, owners of Ghost Crime Tours, included the pub in their book “Ghost Crime Tales.”

If you’re brave enough, pack your blankets and sleeping bags, and get a ticket for $150. 18+ allowed. 

Visit the Facebook page to find out more.

Find the North Kapunda Hotel at 50 Main Street, Kapunda.


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