James Hickey Launching New Album Moon Gravity At The Wheatsheaf

Adelaide folk singer songwriter James Hickey has written an album about the romantic trials and tribulations of his life.


Local folk music identity James Hickey is launching his upcoming album, Moon Gravity, at the Wheatsheaf Hotel on Saturday December 9. James has been playing between Adelaide and Melbourne, building up a lot of poignant memories and songwriting fodder along the way.

Hickey says the album’s strong blues focus is inspired by his “time spent in dive bars and looking for love in all the wrong places”. Rather than solely featuring conventional studio recordings Hickey has sought to capture the atmosphere of his memorable sets, with a live recording of Bad Moon Rising from the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Canadian act Tennyson Kings and the very eclectic (but charming) duo Old Married Couple will be on the bill.

The Wheatsheaf is often quite popular on Saturdays, so we suggest grabbing tickets beforehand.

Check out this cheeky little clip for Last Sucker in Town:


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