Jana Wallace Braddock – The Thin Black Line


South Australian Riverland artist Jana Wallace Braddock will be exhibiting her latest collection THE THIN BLACK LINE, this October at A.P Bond Gallery.

As a child growing up in the Riverland, at one with the outdoors and its creatures, emerging-artist Jāna Braddock’s fascination with nature became a longing to deconstruct it.

Bringing her ideas to the city, the 2012 Waterhouse Art Prize finalist provokes urban minds by taking human, animal and insect body parts out of context and reworking them in black ink drawings.
Having recently completed a Graduate Diploma and Masters of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia, Braddock’s current body of work explores patterning in nature.

“Human anatomy text books, antique medical engravings, books on the biology of insects, a particularly interesting leaf – these are the things that lie around my studio, inspiring my endless fascination with the constructs within nature”.

Unnerving smiles on human skeletons in October’s The Thin Black Line exhibition will demonstrate why skulls always look happy. Braddock uses bold colours to compartmentalise the elements of the human heart and to capture birds deviating from flock formation. Her rib cage, and bird wing composition synchronises human and insect bodies and highlights the delicate parallels in nature.

“I take individual elements, for example a particular muscle or bone or vein, and I pull it apart, take it out of context, re-frame it and rework it until it becomes something else. It is removed from its origins and through this process a drawing is created that can be interpreted by the viewer through this cognitive connection to drawing”.

Working in the medium of painting and ink drawings, Braddock uses material and 3D surfaces to push boundaries that define drawing.
These drawings highlight the pleasing symmetry in nature while similarly exploiting exceptions to the rules. The thin black lines expose and reform the intricate patterns and workings of nature.

The Thin Black Line, Jāna Wallace Braddock
Opening Thursday 11th October 2012
Closing Saturday 3rd November
A.P Bond Contemporary and Aboriginal Art
▪Tues – Sat 11am-5pm ▪

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