Jarmer's Kitchen Named Best Community Restaurant

Jarmer’s Kitchen Named Best Community Restaurant

Jarmer’s Kitchen thrilled to accept the award for Best Community restaurant in the 2014 Advertiser Foods Awards.


JarmersChris and Linda Jarmer, owners of Jarmer’s Kitchen, are thrilled to accept the award for Best Community restaurant in the 2014 Advertiser Foods Awards.

The Best Community Restaurant is awarded to an eatery that offers a welcoming, practical kind of eating place that every neighbourhood would covet.

Established in June 2014, Jarmer’s Kitchen is a casual eatery that celebrates family, friends and food, and captures the charismatic, commercially-viable neighbourhood of Bowden.

Chris and Linda have created a warm and welcoming space that is inviting and is very much the community hub for Bowden and its surrounding suburbs.

Chris Jarmer has created a menu that explores the culinary essence of is culture, career, travels and passion for food. Bringing back classic dishes such as Seafood Crepes with a Champagne Sauce and a Saturday night special of Chateau Briand with all the traditional trimmings

The Jarmer brand is one of the best-known restaurant names in South Australia and Chris and Linda are the next generation to serve Adelaide’s community with the mouth-watering Jarmer Cuisine.

Want to try Jarmer’s for yourself? Head here for more on how to get yourself down to Bowden. 

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