Jasmine Crisp mural takes shape at Rundle Place

Jasmine Crisp’s new mural entitled ‘She knew the way by heart’ is now located near the Rundle Place carpark off Grenfell Street.

South Australian painter and muralist, Jasmine Crisp, has just completed another stunning mural in the Adelaide CBD. Commissioned by Rundle Place, the new piece is entitled ‘She knew the way by heart’, located near the shopping centre’s carpark entry off of Grenfell Street.

Utilising reference imagery photographed by Kieran Hookway, the design features collaged scenes depicting various times, spaces, and features from Adelaide’s landscape.

Avoiding more common symbols of Adelaide, like the Mall’s Balls, Central Market, and pig sculptures, the artwork provides a more original and lived experience of the city and differentiates from what Jasmine calls the ‘already done’ imagery most commonly used in advertising.

“What made this project special was working with my friend Kieran Hookway, utilising his photography, and meshing together a story that was local,” said Jasmine.

“The brief was ‘South Australia’s iconic past, present and future.’ For many years, I used public transport to and from town, so the imagery is very homely and relatable.”

Mandy Beresford, centre manager of Rundle Place, said the car park and shopping centre was proud to support a South Australian artist could add colour and vibrancy to its carpark.

“Jasmine has done a brilliant job of capturing the iconic yet less marketed sights and sounds of Adelaide’s CBD and bring them to life in her mural,” she said.

“We’ve had some great feedback from customers who have enjoyed an unexpected burst of colour as they come into the carpark, it’s definitely worth taking time out to discover.”

Jasmine’s mural adds to a range of artistic endeavours that Rundle Place has supported over the past 18 months.

Jasmine’s artistic style utilises traditional painting techniques and brush work to produce “narrative fuelled imagery” and “symbolic storytelling”.

“I’m a naturalist painter, which means I paint the world in the way a human experiences it to be and not exactly how it is. Also, I consider myself a narrative painter, which involves a lot of symbolism to tell specific stories,” said Jasmine.

This painting language carries directly into her public art practice, having produced many large scale murals since 2020.

“I consider [mural painting] as an extension of my existing painting practice. The same but big. The actual painting part is the fun part. The challenges that come will muralism is to adjust and adapt to a site. For example, using equipment, being out in the sun/rain, and so on,” Jasmine added.

‘She knew the way by heart’ took approximately seven working days to complete, and was commissioned by Guildhouse – South Australia’s leading organisation for visual artists, craftspeople and designers.

Famous previous works include the Yorketown Water Tower and the Sia-inspired ‘She Imagined Buttons’ mural in the city’s West End.

To see more of Jasmine Crisp’s extraordinary work, visit her website or Instagram.

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