Jeep Gets To New Heights!

In today's busy marketplace, businesses are getting increasingly creative with ways to 'cut through' their competitors and come up with marketing that will make people sit up and take notice.

Adelaide City Jeep on Main North Road in Prospect has done just that by mounting a real Wrangler Jeep on a pole, 12 metres up in the air!

The (real) car weighs around 2350kg and is suspended and spinning on a pole! To add to the wow factor, the display is free standing – not even being bolted to the ground!

Rotating at 1 revolution per minute, the Wrangler Jeep is actually for sale, so if you're looking for some good dinner party conversation about your latest purchase, this would be a cracker.

The complete structure weighs in excess of 15,000kgs and only took about 2 hours to install.

General Manager Mr Paul Grocke said, “It is a terrific form of advertising for our product and fits with Jeep’s strategy to “don’t hold back” and do things a bit different from all the other vehicle marketing.

"The “Jole”, as it is affectionately known doesn’t even have any footings; it really is an engineering feat. You just have to drive up Main North Road to see it or come in and say hello."

Mr Grocke said, “you don’t have to go down side-show alley this week to see something amazing, the Jole is here and will be on display for the next few months”.

So would you stop and take notice of a Jeep on a pole? Creative or crazy, you be the judge!

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