Jive Bar Turns Into Kingswood Country!

unspecified‘I Can Feel That You Don’t Love Me‘ was certainly not the general consensus for the audience attending Adelaide’s Jive bar on Friday the 11th of November, as the eminent Kingswood prepared to take the stage.

With support acts Lost Woods and Glass Skies, the audience were sure to get their fill of all Australian rock. Both bands hailing from Adelaide, Lost Woods were engaging with their polished Indie Pop sound and are an act you should definitely keep your eye on. Vocalist Peter White with his sublime vocal range was, in a word, impressive. With hints of ‘Opeth’ and ‘Porcupine Tree’, guitarists Tom and Sam Baird are definitely not your average. A melodic masterpiece, Lost Woods have musical capabilities that seem well beyond their years. With intricate and intellectual composition, their sound is their own, and boy do they own it! Moving on to Glass Skies and their psychedelic rock set. For me, it was like Jimi Hendrix meets David Bowie- in a “mind altered” state. Lead guitar and vocal front man Josh Van Looy epitomises the crazy 70’s ‘rock god’ persona with hair for days and a look in his eye that can only be described as ‘maniacal’. With his dramatic guitar solos and vocal effects, some audience members found him a little hard and full on. I, on the other hand found myself drawn in, captivated and left wanting MORE! Energetic, playful and fun, Glass Skies had my pick as best support.  How can you not love a guitar solo played using ones mouth? But it’s all a matter of perspective, and perhaps mine is too clouded by my love of that magnificent era that was the 60’s. Peace, love and all that shit, what’s NOT to love?

In an avalanche of wailing guitars, pulsing drums, thumping bass riffs and alluring keys, Kingswood took to the stage and delivered on the atmosphere front. Their new song ‘Creepin’(Check it out !)  from their forthcoming album of the same name, has many elements of their previous works such as ‘ICFTYDLM’ (I can feel that you don’t love me), ‘Sun’ and ‘So long’ bringing that sombre, atmospheric feel. They’ve taken these elements and built on them.

In true Kingswood style, the song will immediately hook you in. Alex’s ethereal guitar riffs in the intro, accompanied with Fergus’ distinct and powerful vocals, the song builds from a somewhat teasingly soft beginning into a pulse altering, punchy and energetic end.  Alex Laska, Kingswood’s guitarist, describes the new album as “emotional.” “We wanted to hook our audience in, instead of hiding behind a veil of guitars.” With lead vocalist Fergus Linacre adding “It is much more diverse, we didn’t want to deliver something middle of the road.”

Spending two months in Nashville, co-produced by Eddie Spear, who has worked with artists such as Jack White and Neil Young, the new album is expected to be released Feb 2017. With titles such as “Library Books”, “Atmosphere” and “Creepin,” Kingswood gave their sold out Adelaide audience a generous taste tester of things to come. With their previous album ‘Microscopic Wars’ (2014) being nominated for Best Rock Album of 2014, it’s pretty fair to assume that Kingswood will be staring down the barrel of more success. Top job gents! Bring on Feb 2017!!

By Kathryn Yeend




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