Jock Zonfrillo launches Peel St Food Truck

Jock Zonfrillo Calls On Nonna For New Food Truck

Authentic shouts of ‘bellisimo’ are set to echo along Peel Street for at least the next 6 months as chef Jock Zonfrillo launches a new food truck.


Authentic shouts of ‘bellisimo’ are set to echo along Peel Street for at least the next 6 months with irrepressible chef Jock Zonfrillo having launched a brand new food truck with the help of some friends.

Unlike other food truck fare, the positioning of new Italian eatery Nonna Mallozzi Pasta e Panini will remain stationary just off the main thoroughfare, and appears a sign of a future bricks and mortar development for the precinct from Zonfrillo.

For now though, the half-scottish half-italian master mind behind Orana and new venture Blackwood on Rundle Street has entrusted the truck across to two lads who share an intimate relationship with the food and the spirit of Nonna Mallozzi – Alessandro Antonucci and Stefano Magrofuoco.

Stefano (Right) and Alessandro (Left) are the heartbeat of Nonna Mallozzi.

Decked out with kitchen conveniences far superior to most households, chef Stefano appears in his element cooking recipes of his own creation as Alessandro looks after the service. With meals prepared fresh every day, the ethos represents all hallmarks of traditional Italian home cooking, complete with tongue-in-cheek Italian rock music blaring from the kitchen.

From 8am the promise of an Italian breakfast and coffee may rouse a few weary workers, but it appears that lunch service is where this truck is set to truly shine. Stefano’s recipes focus on fresh ingredients and classic moreish flavour combinations. Each day he is set to prepare at least two types of pasta and two kinds of panini, with the only menu staple to be polenta chips with a generous helping of a tomato-parmesan sauce.

Nonna Mazzolli had lines on Day 2 of trading, long after thier lunch rush had passed.

On the day, we enjoyed a delicious pork spinach and black pepper panini, freshly prepared and hot pressed with no hint of the usual cheats like butter or excessive sauce to enhance the flavour, because it really didn’t need it. Others enjoyed a hearty penne pasta with pork, fennel, rocket and chilli and strozzapreti (think noodle pasta wrapped against itself to double it’s width and catch the sauce) with ricotta, spinach and pumpkin. All topped fresh parmesan, shaved right in front of you.

While new ventures can attract an audience by that virtue alone, quality will always come to the fore in the long term for eateries and in this new addition to Zonfrillo’s enchanting collective the dishes seem destined to remain a cut above.

Nonna Mazzolli Pasta e Panini is located at 22 Peel Street and open from 8am to 5pm weekdays. Follow their story as it evolves on through their Facebook page.

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