John Farnham @ A Day On The Green, Leconfield Winery

Day on the Green brought yet again, a day filled with wine, music and good times.

A venue, an audience, and a good album. That’s all you need for a great concert. With the inception of A Day on the Green and resurgence of many of the best acts of the last 50 years, it was a great day to lay out the picnic rug, grab a glass of wine and chill out to some tunes in the summer sun.

Richard Marx

A Day on the Green has provided two things that are sorely needed in the music world: a place to enjoy wine and dance, and an outlet for our favourite musicians of the past. Entertainment Centre, the Thebby and HQ are all known for putting on wild modern parties but in 2018 there is now a market for a more relaxed affair to reminisce about the music we grew up with.

Taking full advantage of this new outlet is John Farnham.With a great environment and the crowd he loves, he knows exactly how to deliver. Not beating around the bush and knowing exactly what the audience wants, Farnham focused on his most iconic album, Whispering Jack. You’re the Voice, A Touch of Paradise, Pressure Down. Hit after hit after hit. Farnham knows what his fans love and is happy to oblige. He strayed a couple times from the formula but whatever track he performed, the crowd ate it up.

Daryl Braithwaite

Supporting Farnham throughout the day was Richard Marx and other Australian legends, Russell Morris and Daryl Braithwaite. It was a jammed-packed day of classic Australian sounds. Now let’s consider that Morris is 70 years old with Braithwaite and Farnham both 69 at the time of this writing. At these ages there are some concessions that need to be taken. Out of the three of them Farnham was easily the best performer. Supported by a decent production, he made the most use of the space available to him. Even with this in mind none of these performers are moving around like they used to. But the crowd were there for amazing music and that’s exactly what they got. Even Braithwaite played Horses for a full 45 minutes (he actually didn’t but that’s how I remember it).

The venue, Leconfield Winery, was an exceptional and open space. A very large bar guaranteed that you were never waiting long for a drink. The weather took a bit of a downward turn during the afternoon, but luckily, ponchos had been handed out to everyone at the entrance and the rain did little to dampen the mood. 

And A Day on the Green is ramping up its events throughout 2019, Bryan Ferry, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kylie Minogue all headlining their own events next year. 

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