Johnny and Davo step up to Fresh 92.7 Breakfast

The new breakfast team at Fresh 92.7 has been revealed as Johnny and Davo, who will be replacing Loz and Thomo.

Fresh 92.7 has this morning announced Adelaide’s brand new Breakfast team, Johnny and Davo!

John Wilson and Lauren Davo’ Davidson – proud South Australians and born-and-bred Freshies – will soon join Adelaideans for the start of their day. Every weekday morning, they’ll be having heaps of fun, playing plenty of tunes, and giving away some of Fresh 92.7’s biggest ever prizes.

Johnny, Fresh 92.7’s current workday host, has been working towards this opportunity since joining the station over 5 years ago. “One thing I’m 100% sure of is that Adelaide will not have a harder working Brekky duo,” Johnny said of his appointment.

He’s a little nervous about working with Davo, though: “Her infectious laugh and her ability to immediately call me out on my crap is amazing. I think Adelaide are going to fall in love with her and I’ll have to settle for being the weird family friend that the popular kid gets forced to hang out with.”

For Davo, this opportunity is “a dream come true!”

Davo was one of the current Brekky show’s most trusted producers during her time volunteering at Fresh, and is returning from hosting Breakfast in Port Augusta to become the co-host of the show she’s already poured so much of herself into. She’s excited to start with Johnny, too: “I have never felt more confident behind a mic than at fresh with Johnny behind the panel!”

Fresh 92.7 Content Director Zane Dean, believes Johnny and Davo are the perfect choice to continue the legacy of Fresh’s breakfast show. “We searched all over Australia for our next Brekky team, but ultimately the answer was right under our nose. Johnny and Davo are real, they have a great sense of humour together, and they’ve blown me away with the work they’ve already put into this. They get Fresh, they get Adelaide, and they’re going to take this show to some incredible places.”

Johnny and Davo will replace Loz and Thomo, who wrap up on Friday, March 26 after over three years hosting Brekky. Loz and Thomo are the latest in a long line of South Australians to launch incredible careers off the back of their time at Fresh, including the station’s inaugural full-time Breakfast team, Ben and Liam.

The new team join Fresh 92.7 at one of the most promising times in the station’s history, having just celebrated 23 years since it first started broadcasting. Fresh has several incredible projects set to launch in 2021, including one of its most epic giveaways ever, set to launch alongside Johnny and Davo’s Breakfast show.

With Johnny’s promotion to Breakfast, Jake Tracey – another dedicated Fresh volunteer – will step into Fresh 92.7’s Workday shift.

Brekky with Johnny & Davo airs 7-10am every weekday on Fresh 92.7 from Tuesday, April 6.

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