Mix & Mingle If You're Single

Mix & Mingle If You’re Single

It’s time to put down Tinder and look for Mr. Right, right in front of you.


It seems like the days of dating are gone. The fancy restaurant, the awkward conversations, the wait to feel that tingling spark as your hands touch. And hey, let’s face it, it’s something that doesn’t happen often because people can be dull and probably don’t meet your idea of Prince Charming. Instead, we have the likes of Tinder. Swipe left or right if you think someone is hot. A great way to start a relationship. It’s a hard life in 21st Century dating!

But, JOI Events are giving us a breath of fresh air. How so? By getting us to talk to people away from the glaring screens of mobile phones! On November 27th ‘Mix & Mingle’ is the go-to event for all the single over 35’ers. It’s an afternoon for, well, mingling! If no one floats your boat, then you’ll make friends instead. And all while sipping on Mr Goodbar’s delicious cocktail to the sweet, soulful tunes of jazz funk. Sounds like the perfect afternoon!

Mr Goodbar Mr Goodbar

A ticket is $30 per person, which includes a glass of sparkling wine (or a pint of beer for the lads), tasty nibbles and reduced prices on selected cocktails. And we’re not forgetting the $300 door prize donated by Clinical Comestic Solutions.  

Don’t wait! Get your tickets here ASAP!



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