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Join In The Ultimate Beer & Cider Tasting This Sunday

The 10th annual Beer And Cider Fest returns to The Arkaba this Sunday with over 80 tastings of some of the finest craft brews and ciders on offer.

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve driven up to a bottle shop and been completely paralyzed by the sheer volume of choice on offer. This issue should have died off with video stores, but alas. And we’re not talking about wine for once, this is a problem newly discovered by beer and cider lovers. With all of the pretty packaging, the promise of deliciousness and so many sexy new names on the market how can you choose? If only there was a way to taste them all and find out what is going to be the best drink for the occasion.

This conundrum has been at the heart of the annual Beer and Cider Fest at The Arkaba Hotel since it’s inception and on their tenth year they remain as determined as ever to ensure that you can taste pretty much everything in that bottleshop window. But not only that, craft brewers and cider makers will be bringing their rarest stock for connoisseurs to tipple. And the makers will mostly be standing right in front of you, ready to chat about all things amber, bottled and tinned.

Often cider and beer tastings are thrown in alongside wine, only for the snobs to get their noses into the beer glass like there’s something there to savour. We’re not saying there isn’t an experience in all that, but there should be something simpler about beer and cider tasting because, after all, a lot of these beverages are sessionable. So the question shouldn’t be “What did you think that smelt like?” and instead focus upon “How did that taste to you?” and “Can you see yourself enjoying a few bottles?”

There will be over 80 beer and ciders available to taste on the day, with local names like 2015 Champion Small Brewery Prancing Pony, Fox Hat, Pirate Life, Barossa Valley Brewing, Sidewood, LOBO and Hills ciders all on offer. It will take you a long time to work your way through the lot, so we suggest you take a responsible approach and only go for those you like, and those you haven’t tried before. If you tend to like everything you drink, then sorry, we can’t help you. You should probably just stick to the waters.

The 10th Annual Beer & Cider Fest at The Arkaba is on this Sunday, 19 June. Doors open at 11am, and the ticket price includes a limited edition stein as well as all tastings. Save yourself some cash by purchasing online before Saturday afternoon. Tickets are available here.

For the full list of brews and ciders on offer, visit the Beer & Cider Fest Facebook.

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