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Join Sprout’s Callum & Themis for a live Carbonara cook off

MasterChef contestant Callum Hann and Sprout’s Themis Chryssidis are challenging food delivery companies in a live cook off.


San Remo is teaming up with 2020 MasterChef contestant Callum Hann and Sprout’s Themis Chryssidis in a live, online cooking event to challenge food delivery companies and showcase the benefits of home cooking.

Taking place on the San Remo Facebook page this Friday at 7pm, Callum and Themis will attempt to make a Pumpkin and Basil Carbonara that is quicker, cheaper and tastier than the takeaway alternative.

After clicking “order” on a takeaway version of the carbonara, the pair will begin cooking, going head to head with the delivery driver.

The aim is to have the San Remo pasta dish served up and on the table before the food delivery arrives.

“Themis and I are all about home-cooked meals that are fresh and delicious, and that feed the whole family, so we jumped at the chance to participate in this challenge with San Remo,” says Callum.

A recent study revealed that 43 per cent of Aussies don’t enjoy cooking at home, and more than half of those surveyed admitting to opting for a cheaper alternative when possible.

“The average, single-serve pasta dish on food delivery apps can cost anywhere from $15 to $25, which is crazy considering you can be buying ingredients to feed a whole family on less,” continues Callum.

“We’re excited to showcase and remind Aussies that for the same cost as a delivery fee per serve, and less time than delivery takes, you can make a quick, easy and nutritious pasta meal in your own home,” says Themis.  

If you want take on the challenge too, download the recipe here, and follow the boys live.

The recipe is a modern take on traditional carbonara using ingredients such as butternut pumpkin, bacon, spring onion and spinach.

The event is free, and you will be able to follow along with the dynamic duo as they guide viewers through five simple steps to make the dish.

San Remo is also holding a competition for anyone who cooks this recipe at home.

To enter, simply post an image on Instagram and tag @SanRemoPasta and @Sproutadl and you could be the lucky winner of one of three awesome San Remo ‘Love Packs’.

The live cooking event will take place on the San Remo Facebook page at 7pm this Friday 25 September.

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