Join The Circus This Summer In Victoria Square

Join The Circus This Summer In Victoria Square

Cirque Nocturne’s latest event gives audiences a chance to feel what it’s like to be a circus performer!


Ever wanted to know how to juggle or hula hoop, or even walk on stilts? Well here’s your chance. With Christmas over and the long days of the summer holidays ahead, Cirque Nocturne’s latest production ‘Litha’ is sure to provide families with an entertaining and inspiring event that won’t break the bank.

The inaugural event, to be held in Victoria Square on Saturday 7th of January, features all-ages come-and-try workshops in a variety of circus skills, from juggling to acrobatics, hula hoops, stilt walking and more, taught by professional circus instructors. Workshops begin at 3pm and the performance starts at 8:30pm

At the culmination of the day, as the sun dips below the horizon and the sky is awash with golden hues, the event concludes in spectacular fashion with a free show performed by the best artists that the Adelaide circus scene has to offer. This show will feature acts by both established circus artistes with international performance prestige, and the best of Adelaide’s on-the-rise performers. It includes a wide variety of thrilling acts such as world-renowned hula hoop performers, jugglers, fire spinners and aerial acts.

Producer and performer Kate Lawrence says of the title of the event, ‘The name “Litha” comes from an old Celtic word for the summer solstice. Whilst it wasn’t possible for the event to be held on the solstice itself, we felt the name was a good fit for the atmosphere we wanted to embody. We wanted to invoke that feeling of laid back, care-free joy that you feel whilst on summer holidays by presenting colourful, upbeat performances’.

Cirque Nocturne was founded in 2016 and debut its first show at the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe to widespread acclaim. For more information visit Cirque Nocturne’s facebook page.


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