Jon Gomm (UK) Australian Tour ends in Adelaide at Higher Ground

Jon Gomm, who Acoustic Magazine tagged as “one of the worlds most successful, gifted and inspirational guitar players”, is in Australia for a series of concert events. Jon is an acoustic singer-songwriter with an incredible virtuoso guitar style, where he uses one acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and sparkling melodies all at the same time. The final concert on this tour is this Saturday, 28th April, at Higher Ground, Light Square, Adelaide.

Once you get over the jaw-dropping maneuvers and technique, you will be rewarded with some spectacularly beautiful songs. The emphasis is still on the soulful vocals and songwriting, however, and his original material is influenced by everything from Robert Johnson to Radiohead. Gomm’s live shows combine deeply personal performances and a natural wit, with a once-seen-never-forgotten two-handed guitar style, both physical and complex, producing sounds people can barely believe are coming from a humble acoustic guitar.

Jon Gomm has been fiercely independent and an underground musical sensation until recently, when Stephen Fry tweeted 'Wow' to his 4 million followers and posted a link to Jon's video (which now has well over 2 million hits!).

Here's that link:

Jon is from Leeds, UK, he has a classic sense of humour and is one of the most amazing musicians anyone is ever likely to hear. He will be performing at Higher Ground on Sat 28th April as part of his first Australian tour. There has been a huge ground swell from Jon's concerts so far, with concert fans across the country letting others know across the country not to miss their chance to see him.

Jon first laid his hands on a guitar at the age of two (actually it was a ukulele – his parents couldn’t find a guitar small enough). He wrote his first song at the age of six, and was soon accompanying his father, a music critic, to gigs in his hometown of Blackpool. Touring musicians would often stay at the Gomm household on the understanding Jon would get a guitar lesson, meaning he had one-to-one instruction from such blues legends as Walter Trout and Bob Brozman.

Nowadays Gomm tours internationally, he has a huge cult following and is regarded by those in the know as one of the world’s most talented and innovative guitarists, and is cited as an influence by many other performers. Jon’s videos are watched thousands of times within days of appearing on Youtube, and his home-recorded debut album Hypertension sold over ten thousand copies, with no industry backing.

On tour with Jon is local producer singer and synth whizz Andy Sorenson. Andy's rock influenced piano and vocal performance heavily feature ambient vocal effects and synthesizer loops which are organically built up throughout the show.

This is going to be a great night of music!

Proudly presented by Translator Records: Jon Gomm On Tour in Australia. Translator Records, is an Australian boutique recording and touring label that has predominately worked in the development and promotion of African and Indigenous artists.

You can catch Jon Gomm & special guest Andy Sorenson live in concert at 8pm on Sat 28th April 2012 at Higher Ground, Light Square, Adelaide.

For tickets and details go to or direct to the booking page here

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