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Josh’s Space – City Living With A View

The living art exhibit, ‘Josh’s Space’, situated outside Adelaide City Council’s Customer Centre, unveils an insight into city living in a creative way.


The living art exhibit, ‘Josh’s Space’ is situated outside Adelaide City Council’s Customer Centre & unveils an insight into city living in a creative way.

The mock apartment on Pirie Street is decorated with quirky furniture and has a real life ‘resident’ living there at different times throughout the week.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood lives in the city and is pleased that the Council will be presenting city life to all.

“The city of Adelaide is a great place to live and a great place to call home,” Stephen said.

“My family and I live in the city and we absolutely love it. There are so many things to see and do – everything is literally at your fingertips, it really is the perfect lifestyle!”

The apartment belongs to 22 year-old Josh Rule, a Town Planning student whose dream is to live in the city.

“As soon as I get a full time job, I want to move into an apartment and make the most of living and working in the heart of the city,” Josh said.

“The space will represent my dream of living in the city and will help show others the benefits of city living.”

Josh’s living exhibition runs from April 4 – 8  and gives passersby a chance to view him as he goes about his normal domestic duties.

He will also be played by different actors at various times throughout the week and the apartment will be available for viewing as a static display.

“The city’s residential population has grown by 60% in the last 10 years and to keep up with this demand 15,000 new homes are being built in the city by 2040,” Stephen said.

“The Already Home project has some fantastic stories about locals who live in the city. These stories are a celebration of the inner-city lifestyle and an example of just how good it is to call Adelaide home.”

To read Josh’s story or learn more about the Already Home project, please visit their website,

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