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Juice Institute boosts Adelaide’s wellness scene with new CBD location

Juice Institute, the SA brand and home to freshly made cold-pressed juices, has opened its second retail store, bringing wellness to the CBD.

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Tucked away in the CBD, amidst the hustle and bustle of corporate life, a little nook of health and wellness has found a new home with the opening of SA brand Juice Institute’s second retail location this week—bringing its premium, raw, unpasteurized, cold-pressed fruit and veggie juices to the heart of the city.

Located in Wyatt Street, Juice Institute, the brainchild of founder and owner Gabrielle Tyler, began as a passion project from Gabby’s home kitchen in 2018 and has flourished into a thriving business with a strong community following.

With a background deeply rooted in the fitness industry, Gabby’s journey into the world of juicing was a natural progression towards promoting a plant-based lifestyle and is something she is deeply passionate about sharing with her customers.

‘Whilst we have a few wholesale customers, we’re a direct-to-consumer brand and press to order’, says Gabby. ‘The core of our business is our juice cleanses and 30-day celery juice challenge, and it’s fantastic to now have a second retail grab-and-go store in the city, along with our location in Blackwood’.

After 2 years of working out of her home kitchen, where Gabby initially sold her juices through Facebook and Instagram, the brand moved to its Blackwood location, where they are sold and manufactured. Using authentic cold press machinery from the US, the production team in Blackwood press all the juices in the morning before they’re delivered directly to customers in the afternoon.

‘Our hero product is our juices, and we take great pride in our process of cold-pressing’, says Gabby. ‘Besides offering home delivery, we have customers from all over SA coming to Blackwood to pick up their juices, but opening up in the city this week has made it more accessible for everyone and has already been a real game changer’, says Gabby.

‘This morning I had a woman, a Virgin air hostess, call to put aside a box of 9 juices’, says Gabby. ‘She literally pulled up in her car and ran in to pick it up—we’re all about making wellness easy for our customers, providing a box of goodness that keeps you healthy and your immunity strong.’

At the root of Juice Institute’s mission is the belief in the power of plants to nourish both body and soul, with their range of cold-pressed juices, cleanses, and wellness challenges designed to boost immunity, detoxify the body, and provide a natural source of energy.

But Juice Institute isn’t just about selling juices; it’s about fostering a community of health-conscious individuals committed to living sustainably and giving back. Through initiatives like their 30-day celery juice challenge and exclusive partnership with Foodbank SA, Juice Institute is making a tangible impact on the health and well-being of their community.

‘We’ve proudly partnered with FoodBank SA since July 2021 and donate one meal for every juice sold’, says Gabby. ‘Since 2021, we’ve donated over 150,000 meals back to people in need in SA, and with this exclusive partnership, we continue to help Foodbank tackle the hunger crisis in the state’.

As Juice Institute expands its presence in Adelaide, Gabby’s focus remains on building meaningful relationships with both customers and the community at large. And, with their new CBD location strategically positioned to cater to the corporate crowd, Juice Institute aims to revolutionise workplace wellness by offering convenient access to nutritious, plant-based options.

‘We want to change the game for corporate Adelaide’, says Gabby. ‘What’s sitting in their fridge? Let’s get green juices in there, let’s get protein balls and a range of juices in there too and positively impact the boardrooms of big corporate companies’.

Whether you’re a health-conscious professional looking to fuel your day or someone on a journey to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, Juice Institute’s new location is a must-visit—whether it be in your lunch break for a daily juice or you place an order for a wellness delivery!

In a world where we’re always on the go, SA company Juice Institute offers a refreshing reminder to slow down, nourish yourself from the inside out and make a positive impact on the world around you—one sip at a time.

What: Juice Institute.
Where: 3/18-36 Wyatt Street, Adelaide, and 1/218 Main Road, Blackwood.
For opening hours and more info, click here or follow @juiceinstitute.

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