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Just The Thing are having a MASSIVE Black Friday sale

Just The Thing will help transform your space with their timeless, affordable furniture.


This Friday, Just The Thing furniture are discounting their already discounted furniture for a MASSIVE Black Friday sale. There’s 30% off warehouse prices, and they’ve got their full range available to walk away with, the day you purchase.

Mainstream furniture outlets will make you wait, sometimes months, for your delivery. Just The Thing is equal parts reliable and affordable.

Skipping the frills in the warehouse means Just The Thing can offer stylish, trend-conforming pieces at warehouse factory prices. Where you’d pay big money at a boutique store, Just The Thing has the same, quality pieces for far less.

Styling is key with any new project, and working with what already exists is
crucial to creating a room that’s functional as well as beautiful. Because Just The Thing have such a broad range of styles in their catalogue, it’s easy to work to any theme: vintage, contemporary, farmhouse.

If you’re going for a vintage look on a minimal budget, with limited time,
Just The Thing have a charming range of pre-distressed furniture that takes the hassle out of doing it yourself, and removes the risk of buying second hand.

We also love their range of rattan-fronted cabinets – the finish of the moment – with their beachy vibes which will work seamlessly into any boho design.

Then there are the armchairs, sofas and chaise lounges, which all prize
comfort over style – crucial for COVID-era relaxation. The button-backed Barkley armchair is the perfect example of this – a stylish addition to any space that fuses spacious and sturdy architecture, with timeless design.

Bedframes, plush-backed or wooden, are a dime a dozen, proving the notion that expensive doesn’t always mean best. And kids rooms are well looked after with everything from play-mats to cushions and lamps.

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