Just When You Needed A New Breakfast Destination…

In the heart of the Hills, FRED Eatery is a reason to venture beyond Stirling for a breakfast experience which can easily turn into a full day out. Wear your stretchy pants…

Uraidla’s noticeable resurgence during the last 12 months with food at the heart of its focus is proof that the Adelaide Hills appreciates the finer things. Leisure across the region is on another level, and us city folk often duck up the freeway for a sample or two, but rarely make it past the main fare in Stirling or head straight to a winery.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but like most instances in Adelaide, wen you look beyond the well-worn paths (even if they’re still great options) you can find some truly wonderful destinations. Aldgate’s FRED Eatery is a case in point.

FRED Eatery  FRED EateryThere’s never been terribly much to speak of in the way of eateries in Aldgate, just a handful of locations and supermarket open late at night. FRED Eatery have moved into the large restajrant vacated by The Providore from a few years ago, but a carbon copy they are not. They are an energy unto themselves, presenting a menu that is equally exciting and homely, with a space that feels distills the quintessential aspects of community, of local produce and of a lazy morning with not much on that the Adelaide Hills is known for.

Breakfast, lunch, eat-in and takeaway, coffee and cake are balance between distinct dining areas which flow easily from one to another. You might enjoy the mezzanine, which feels more private yet shares a birdseye view of the bustle of downstairs. Towards the street front, the vibe is like any trending cafe you can imagine with Scandinavian timber textures, minimalist light fixtures, the gentle hum of the coffee machine, bar seating and cozy pillows on lower seats. Move out back and overlook the creek which runs behind the back of the Adelaide shops in an open room beautiful styled with fresh flowers and plenty of natural lighting. Dining in the alleyway plaza is also a quaint option if you’re a party of two.

The Breakfast Menu leads with truffled scrambled eggs, which are moreish and partnered with fresh crusty bread that carb lovers could write a paragraph on. Eggs remain a constant highlight across the menu, as does bacon, but there is also variety to be found in the delicious and warming porridge (a special when we visited), tasty egg, bacon and rocket rolls in brioche, bircher muesli and a trio of smoothies which are up there with the best we’ve ever had. We don’t say that lightly either, they are absolutely cracking!

FRED Eatery

FRED Bircher; oat and chia seed soaked muesli with coconut water, yoghurt, golden sultanas, mulberries, pistachios, almonds and rhubarb compote.

FRED Eatery

A Little Of A Lot; poached eggs with crispy bacon, roasted mushrooms, buttered greens, chipolatas, balsamic roasted tomato and toasted sourdough ciabatta.

FRED Eatery

Truffled Scrambled Eggs with field mushrooms, spinach, bacon and sourdough.

Something we definitely need to talk about is their Reuben Sandwich though. We didn’t take photos because we got it on takeaway and did things to it that shouldn’t be documented. It’s flavours dance on your tastebuds in the same way the skittles advertising always promises, with corned beef and relish, sauerkraut and pickles in house egg mayonnaise that you would bathe in and still eat afterwards because you couldn’t waste it, and bread that’s toasted by choirs of angels who just know don’t sing but toast bread instead (it’s a thing), it’s a journey worthy of the journey up the hills on it’s own. Only available after 12 might we add though.

FRED Eatery FRED Eatery FRED EateryBut we keep coming back to the atmosphere. There are very few locations that engender a deep sense of calm and relaxation when you walk in. Don’t get us wrong, it was crazy busy, but it didn’t matter. We found a table, made it our own, and say happily for a couple of hours as everything went on around us utterly in our own breakfast bubble. That’s worthy of a road trip, let alone a quick drive from the CBD.

And a word to parents; they’re very kid friendly. It could have been a creche on the morning we were there and they’re special kids menu makes it all the easier.

FRED Eatery is located at 4/220 Mount Barker Rd (amongst the main strip of shops). They’re open for Breakfast and Lunch from Tues – Sun and for dinner on Fridays. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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