Justice at Big River Motel

A decade ago when French electro house and electro clash were the centre of the dance music world, the act which was arguably at the forefront of this movement with their funky syncopated bass lines, sharp synth, huge snares and spliced vocals was Justice. ‎

Signing to famed Ed Banger Records, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay kicked off their career after winning a competition for We Are Your Friends (which sampled a chorus from) Simian which became one of the club anthems of the late 90s. When the phenomenally well constructed D.A.N.C.E. came out which involved the act sampling an English boys choir, no less, the duo had established themselves as one of the most exciting dance acts on the planet, headlining the inaugural Parklife Festival in Australia.

Over time dance music went through several changes with dub step, trap and bass among other genres to steal the limelight as part of what was sometimes referred to as the overall EDM circus. Justice did their own thing with the magnificent Audio Video Disco, an homage to 70s prog rock, which as good as it was didn’t quite resonate with fans like their debut. Woman has been somewhat of a return to form with the act’s signature funky bass and disco vibes.

While originally released in 2014 it’s still being toured around the world and luckily thanks to the wisdom of the curators of the Royal Croquet Club, one of the most important electronic acts of the past 20 years is finally making a long awaited return to Adelaide, headlining Big River Motel on Friday 23rd of February.

Tickets are moving very quickly, so we’d suggest nabbing one ASAP, getting into the party spirit and get ready to D.A.N.C.E.

Justice play Big River Motel at Royal Croquet Club on War Memorial Drive on Friday February 23rd. 



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