Kate Ceberano Secures Artist David Bromley As Cabaret Festival Designer

In a Festival first, Adelaide Cabaret Festival Artistic Director Kate Ceberano has secured internationally acclaimed artist David Bromley as Cabaret Festival Designer.

In her debut role Ceberano has big ambitions to take the Festival to even greater heights and ensure it retains its reputation for excellence not only through its stellar performers but also with a design that matches its international reputation.

Kate has asked Bromley to take on the role of Festival Designer, to enhance some of the performance spaces, interiors and public areas to help amplify the Cabaret atmosphere.

Kate Ceberano says of the appointment “The relationship between the visual and the performing artist has been long noted over the centuries. Notable artists like Picasso, Lautrec, Renoir and Manet all fell in love with the spirit of Cabaret and now we have Adelaide’s own David Bromley to do the same”.

When Kate thinks Cabaret she is drawn to its purpose born in the bosom of cluttered chaos, depressions, wars, discrimination a provocative, unlicensed and ultimately a dangerous art form.

From Paris to Berlin, London to New York, Kate will explore how this all fits into an Australian construct.

Kate and Bromley will create a unique ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ atmosphere during the 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Think ‘roll up roll up’, vaudeville, circus, the strange, the bizarre and the extraordinary, up close and personal, together the two will put their own unique stamp on the Festival.

Bromley’s unique style will convey a bygone era of Cabaret and amplify the playful inquisitiveness of the performers and the artform provoking associations with vaudeville, circus, performance art and music of a different time.

His designs will also encapsulate the provocative nature that is Cabaret – all with the commanding and seductive style that is Bromley.

Adelaide Festival Centre CEO and Artistic Director Douglas Gautier says “We are excited that Kate is working with acclaimed artist David Bromley and together they are set to invigorate the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

Whether you are a connoisseur, or if you are discovering Cabaret for the first time be sure not to miss Kate’s first Festival. I am looking forward to finding out what she has in store at the Festival launch on 31 March”.

David Bromley was born in Sheffield England in 1960 and arrived in Australia in 1964.

After many years of living and working in Adelaide, he now works and resides in Melbourne.

Bromley emerged as a painter in the mid 1980s, in his practice; he has developed themes for two distinct and unique styles of painting; the female portrait and the children's series.

Influenced by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Glen Baxter and the characters and style of childhood books such as the once popular Boys Own Annuals.

Bromley's work has achieved a global identity with major exhibitions held throughout Australia, along with exhibitions in Singapore, Paris, Tokyo, London and New York.

David has been a finalist in the Archibald Prize in 2008, 2004 and 2000 and 1999, and continues to be in demand as a portraitist. He has also been listed twice as one of the 50 most collectible artists in Australia by Australian Art Collector magazine.

Check out the following EPK as Kate takes you through her design plans for the Festival.

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