Katy Perry Dreams Big

It was Adelaide’s turn to do some California dreaming Monday night as megastar and all-American sweetheart Katy Perry brought her wildly successful California Dreams Tour to the Entertainment Centre.

Katy left no candy cane unturned. From the ‘Candyfornia’-themed stage (featuring giant 10-foot lollipops, marshmallows and cupcakes), the fairy floss scent that wafted through the arena, to the #AdelaideDreams Twitter feed projected on the big screens, the show was a massive sensory overload.

Starting with high school romance anthems Teenage Dream and Hummingbird Heartbeat, Katy Perry’s near-perfect vocals and high octane energy shot through like a sugar fix straight to the brain. California Dreams followed the loose narrative of Katy playing a butcher who falls in love with the handsome Baker Boy. Throw in some mischievous mimes, a bite of a ‘mysterious’ brownie, Katy’s faithful companion Kitty Purry and some of the most memorable pop songs in recent years, and you’ve got a show with more bang than a bag of sherbet.

And then there were the outfits; well over 15 costumes changes (you’ll forgive me for losing count as she had 8 alone during Hot N Cold). From candy cane-inspired outfits, cupcake-tower tutus, acid green ball gowns, slinky black cat suits, heart-shaped dresses, and more leotards and wigs than you could poke a lollipop at, Perry brought her brightly coloured, whimsical music videos to life on stage.

Ballad Not Like the Movies was a highlight – Perry was lifted over the stage in a white gown with a massive train that doubled as a movie screen, featuring love scenes from famous animated films.

The visuals and music aside, Katy Perry herself was the icing on the cake. Anyone doubting she had the vocal chops or charisma to last the 2 hour show was left with a sour taste in their mouth. She could have easily mimed or let her backup singers do the work (Britney, Rihanna, I'm looking at you) but Katy owned the night.

She was proud to tell us we were her first ever show in Adelaide ('You're my first, don't go telling everyone at school now'). And quick mentions of her favourite Australian things (Ja'mie King, Kath & Kim, Tim Tams to name a few) drew some of the loudest cheers of the night. Her witty banter and sweet-as-pie persona made even the quieter moments, like acoustic number Thinking of You, larger than life.

Finishing with Firework and California Gurls (complete with blue wig and dancing gingerbread men), the show ended on the hugest of highs, and it wasn't just the after effects of the fairy floss talking. Katy's transformation of California dream to arena spectacular couldn't have been sweeter.

Adding pint-sized Kiwi electropop singer Zowie to the mix with her short but dynamic supporting set, there was plenty to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth craving. Cheers to Ms Perry-Brand for bringing to our city one of the most fun, stimulating and all-round joyous pop shows we've seen yet.

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