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Kick start your weekend with bottomless burgers and beers at this Adelaide CBD staple

Every Friday the iconic District at SkyCity is dishing up unlimted burgers and sandos with Pirate Life beers so you can eat until you pop.

After waiting patiently for your order, the waiter comes and lays before you a piece of crispy, karaage chicken, dripping in melted cheese and smothered with creamy, kewpie mayo, sandwiched between two soft, pillowy pieces of brioche. You take a bite of the mouth-watering, succulent burger and think to yourself, “I need a beer.”

It’s only natural. The two go together better than any other food combination known to man, but there’s always that looming feeling of knowing the taste sensation is bound to end and with that last bite and final sip you bid adieu to the joy the meal has brought.

There is one word that combat this dreaded feeling of departure and that’s ‘bottomless’. Yes, bottomless burgers and beers are available, right here, in Adelaide and you are forgiven if you stop reading and get driving straight to SkyCity.

I wouldn’t recommend it however, because it’s probably beneficial to find out a few of the minor details first.

Every Friday from 12pm, District at SkyCity is offering this deal of a lifetime which, for just $49, gets you unlimited sliders, sandwiches and schooners of ANY of District’s tap beers (yes, even the more expensive ones) for two hours.

And there isn’t just one burger to choose from. No, District have gone all out offering its full range of elevated burger varieties. Wagyu beef, chicken katsu sandos and lobster rolls are just some of the delightful options all ready to be washed down by your choice of a classic or specialty draughts direct from Pirate Life’s onsite brewery.

“I love bottomless everything but I don’t eat meat!” I hear you cry. Never fear, vegetarian and vegan options are also available and to be honest, when crispy eggplant katsu is the alternative, even the carnivores among us might be downing one or two of these.

Bottomless Burgers and Beers is available each Friday from 12pm – 9pm.

District at SkyCity is located at Level 1, SkyCity, 125 North Terrace, Adelaide.
Bookings are highly recommended and can be made here.

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