Kids Can Finally Get Back To Nature With This Awesome Holiday Program

Twig & Stick Children’s Nature Club have the coolest solution to getting kids to swap their tech gadgets for the outdoors.

What ever happened to kids playing outdoors and exploring nature? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution to get kids to ditch their tech gadgets and go have some real fun these school holidays.

Twig & Stick Children’s Nature Club encourages children aged 5 to 11 years to partake in nature play workshops, based at The Old School Community Garden in Stirling.

Each day they have a series of workshops available for children to participate in as well as plenty of time for free play. There are no set days for workshops as they will be available everyday. Their workshops are focused totally on nature play and are all sustainable and educational. Children will be free to connect with their natural world.

Photo Credit: Twig & Stick Facebook



Photo Credit: Twig & Stick Facebook

This is a chance for children to be in the moment, to play and form friendships, to take risks and become risk assessors and to learn new skills such a clay work, propagation of plants, wood whittling, garden care and nature protection. There is a muddy play zone, sandpit, loose parts play, nature craft and so much more.

The garden is really the perfect environment for your rugrats to observe the season, growth and explore the flora and fauna of the local area. Here, children are able to play and create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. They have the chance to explore Twig & Stick’s wonderful vegetable gardens, butterfly garden and children’s nature play area.

Photo Credit: Twig & Stick Facebook

Twig & Stick believe there is no bad weather, just bad clothing. But, if there is wild weather forecast or it’s a catastrophic fire danger day, they’ll cancel for a full refund.

Twig & Stick Summer Holiday Nature Club is

$40 for a half day workshop, 9:30am to 12:30pm

$70 for a full day workshop 9:30am to 3:30pm

a day per child.

Their workshops do not require parents attendance, so you can go out for a coffee or lunch, spend time with your younger or older children or head off to work.

Workshops can be booked online through Event Brite.

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