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Kimchi Club Is Adelaide’s New Vegan and Paleo-Friendly Offering

If you haven’t heard of the Korean food taking the health world by storm, where have you been hiding?

Kimchi is having a moment right now. The dish made from salted and fermented vegetables is a staple in Korean culture, and its high concentration of vitamins and probiotics alongside its low calories contributes to the hype.

In Korea, every household has their own kimchi recipe and Minka Park has brought her mother’s recipe to all the way to Adelaide in the form of Kimchi Club. Made in Adelaide with local organic produce and 100% Australian ingredients, her products are stocked and used by a variety of pretty rad cafés and stores. The fact that its vegan and paleo-friendly makes this a healthy addition to any soup, fried rice or hot pot dish.

Photo: Brick+Mortar Creative (@brickandmortarcreative)

With two types of Kimchi, there’s something for every palate. Do you like to live life with a little bit of fire in your belly? Then Hot Kimchi is for you, you chilli-lovin’ maniac. Or are you someone who prefers to not feel like they’ve stuck their head in a bowl of hot peppers? Naked Kimchi is for you, and your whole family. Originally made because her daughter couldn’t eat spicy Kimchi, you know it’s family-friendly and safe for little mouths. All the amazing benefits means it’s incredible for your digestive health, with the Naked Kimchi originally designed for Minka’s little one’s gut health.

Sustainable practices and supporting local farmers is important to Minka, and her passion for using local organic produce and seasonal produce for its high nutrition value and freshness is a striking point of difference compared to other Kimchi brands.

Photo: Brick+Mortar Creative (@brickandmortarcreative)

With a background in hospitality in her native South Korea, Minka moved to Adelaide in 2000 to study Hospitality Management and French Cooking at Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating she moved away from hospitality and worked with her partner at digital agency Freerange Future for a decade. Though, even as she worked in digital marketing, her passions were always yoga, healthy eating and clean food and wine. It was inevitable that she would leave digital marketing eventually to pursue these loves, so she began her new business: Kimchi Club.

Minka is passionate about sharing Korean culture with her family, friends and wider community. Kimchi Club is for people who enjoy clean eating and experiencing traditional food and cultures. With flavours to suit the whole family and fusion food-loving Australian palates, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of Kimchi in your life.

Photo: Brick+Mortar Creative (@brickandmortarcreative)

Try Kimchi Club at the cafés below:

Photo: Brick+Mortar Creative (@brickandmortarcreative)

Photo: Brick+Mortar Creative (@brickandmortarcreative


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