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Kirrihill Wines releases new premium Partner Series collection

The Partner Series is dedicated to Kirrihill’s owners Matt, Sean, and Rob, and is a family of fine wines to enjoy now or after carefully cellaring.

A premium wine collection has emerged from the famed Clare Valley region, with Kirrihill Wines releasing a new series just in time for summer.

The boutique winery knows the way to our heart (which is through wine), releasing their Partner Series last month. The range celebrates the region and the winery’s commitment to quality in the vineyard.

Brand new to the market, the Partner Series is dedicated to Kirrihill’s owners Matt Lawson, Sean Edwards and Rob Stanway, and is a family of fine wines that can be enjoyed now or after carefully cellaring.

The Partner Series is already achieving great things nationally, taking home double gold at this year’s Perth Royal Wine Awards for their 2019 Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon respectively. The Partner Series 2020 Riesling is nothing to sniff at either, with the drop also taking home silver. Collectively, the series has won over 10 medals thus far, with the three wines a true representation of classic Clare Valley varieties.

“They are crafted to express the classic hallmarks of the variety, in a lively, fresh style for the modern drinker,” says Senior Winemaker Andrew Locke.

“The focus is on fruit-oriented wines that are generous and contemporary in the glass.”

The series brings to life the passion and essence of Kirrihill in both elegant reds and the crisp, citrus driven Riesling. “The Partner Series gives an excellent overview of what Clare can offer,” says Co-owner Matt Lawson. “To have three hero varieties from one region is pretty rare”.  

While it’s always tricky to pick your favourite child, Matt says he holds a soft spot for the 2020 Shiraz – which just so happens to be embossed with his name on the bottle. The medium bodied red is different than that found in the places such as the Barossa, making it a more approachable style to drink all year round.

The trio of wines is a family of premium small-batch tipples that express the unique characters from the stunning Clare Valley region. The Valley’s continental weather – hot and dry summers and cold winter nights – has led to Kirrihill’s grapes maintaining their natural acidity, leading to the Partner Series award-winning Riesling.

Nestled in the heart of the Clare Valley, Kirrihill is a boutique winery that prides itself on creating fine wines that capture the essence of the region’s terroir. Bonded by their aspiration to grow and cultivate exceptional wines, both Sean and Rob founded Kirrihill in 1998. Since then, the winery has gone from strength to strength, producing an array of fine drops perfect for balmy summer evenings or nights by the fire in the cooler months.

Kirrihill Partner Series Riesling 2020, Partner Series Shiraz 2019 and Partner Series Cabernet Sauvignon are available direct from the Kirrihill website and through select independent retailers.

For more information, visit the Kirrihill Wines website and Facebook.

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