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KI’s iconic Enchanted Fig Tree reopens with fresh vision by chef John Stamatakis

The Enchanted Fig Tree has reopened its doors under highly acclaimed Chef John Stamatakis’ new vision and menu.

Kangaroo Island, known for its pristine landscapes and natural beauty, has opened its doors to The Enchanted Fig Tree once again – making it the perfect bucket list dining experience this summer.

Leading this adventure is the highly acclaimed Chef John Stamatakis, whose extraordinary food skills been shaped by his extensive travels, most notably in Japan.

With a profound connection to the island’s bountiful surroundings, Chef Stamatakis has crafted a menu that harmoniously blends Eastern influences with the finest locally foraged ingredients.

His mission is to weave together the essence of Japanese cuisine with the abundance of Kangaroo Island’s coastal offerings. From Ulva to Kelp, Saltbush to Razorfish, Samphire, and beyond, the menu reflects an extraordinary synergy between Eastern traditions and the island’s natural wonders.

“Think Ulva, Kelp, Saltbush, Razorfish, Samphire, and the list goes on,” John says.

The Enchanted Fig Tree experience is a journey that begins with a secret location, just a stone’s throw from the tree itself. Guests are greeted with a signature cocktail before indulging in three canapés, each representing the elemental forces of Fire, Earth, and Water.

A leisurely walk towards the majestic 130-year-old fig tree reveals an enchanting sight. Its gnarled limbs create natural dining alcoves, bathed in dappled light, providing the perfect setting for an unforgettable meal.

Inside the tree, diners are treated to four courses, including “Let’s Break Bread Again” and “From the Sea, by the Tree,” which encapsulate Chef John’s passion for shared dining, conversation, and his deep connection to Kangaroo Island’s abundant produce.

The Enchanted Fig Tree is not only open for lunches four days a week but also offers magical Starlit Dinners three nights a week. As night falls, the tree transforms into a spectacle of colours under the moonlight, providing a captivating backdrop for an extraordinary dining experience.

The Enchanted Fig Tree’s 2024 season runs until April 8, offering guests the chance to savor Chef John Stamatakis’ artistry.

Bookings are now available via the website at, ensuring that diners can secure their spot beneath the branches of this iconic tree.

The season has started and goes until April 8, 2024.
Bookings: are available here
More information: is available online: Website – Facebook – Insta

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