KOJO Breaks New Ground in Responsive Web Design For Mitsubishi

KOJO has broken new ground in the digital realm with the development of a highly responsive and fully integrated website for Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

Launched last week, the new website ( provides users with a rich, device-agnostic browsing experience that has been optimised for smartphones, tablets, desktops and everything in between.

“We are so proud to be one of the first Australian automotive manufacturers to roll out this technology,” said Danielle Wise, Digital Marketing Manager at Mitsubishi.

“The technology provides a seamless, consistent brand experience across multiple devices for customers. It also represents a significant cost saving for us as no longer do we need to build and maintain multiple platforms such as desktop and mobile.”

The responsive website illustrates the increasing trend of consumers seeking instant, accessible and user-friendly information from anywhere, at anytime.

In partnership with Clemenger BBDO Sydney, KOJO handled the entire responsive and design implementation of the new Mitsubishi website including all CGI elements.

The result is a fully responsive website that can navigate content such as text and images, which resize and configure to accommodate the optimal layout for each device, providing a completely functional and smooth user experience.

Mitsubishi customers can now browse different vehicles, view all available colours and add their desired specs, from any type of rich internet device. They can also view the final purchase price.

KOJO Digital Producer Jamie Dollard said Mitsubishi Motors Australia’s responsive website build responded to the growing number of consumers who use mobile devices before making a purchasing decision.

He said the responsive website build catered to different user personas, including:
• New car passenger vehicle buyer
• New car SUV buyer
• Tradesman
• Fleet buyers
• Current customer
• Dealerships seeking an instant and accessible sales tool

“With the introduction of more and more handheld devices, consumers’ thirst for instant and accessible knowledge continues to increase,” said Mr Dollard.

“The reality is that customers want to browse websites quickly and easily.

“Most people now use a mobile device to do research before making a purchasing decision, with more than 60% of Mitsubishi Motors Australia’s mobile traffic coming from the smart phone or tablet.

“Responsive web design helps the user browse all content from any device, ensuring they can access the same information whether they are on their home computer, mobile or tablet devices.

“While still in its infancy in Australia, responsive design is becoming a growing trend overseas, across industry sectors.

“Businesses need to acknowledge that mobile technology has become a daily part of people’s lives and that their mobile phones are often used as negotiating tools during purchase decisions. By building an integrated and responsive online digital presence, businesses can increase their website traffic.”

Mr Dollard said Mitsubishi’s responsive website build provided many features.

“Having a single version of a website, which can be used on many different devices, cuts down on maintenance costs,” Mr Dollard said.

“Responsive websites also ensure a complete user-friendly browsing experience. When desktop content is made available from any device it means that website traffic has potential to increase.

“KOJO has enjoyed a unique longstanding association with Mitsubishi Motors Australia.

“Our dedicated and passionate team, including our front end wizard Sam Featherstone, pushed the boundaries for this project with technical capabilities we didn’t know were possible.

“This has been a challenging and extremely rewarding project that has showcased the incredible skills of our creative and development teams.

“It’s opening a new realm of capabilities for clients no matter what industry they operate in.”

KOJO specialises in content, digital, events and post-production with offices in Adelaide and Melbourne as well as a growing presence in Sydney and Perth.

Tech facts on Mitsubishi’s new responsive website:
• Through responsive design techniques the website offers up exactly the same content, at the same URL, with interaction design optimised for that particular device.
• Traditional mobile strategies would often offer a separate mobile website, at a different URL, often with much less content and experience. Responsive design
solves many of the usability frustrations that come with this strategy.
• Even with all the boundary pushing techniques used on the site, it is still optimised for older desktop browsers, including IE7 and IE8.
• Even though many of the techniques are still in infancy stage, high profile sites adopting responsive design include:,,, and

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