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Kris Lloyd Launches New Cheese Club & New Cheese, ‘Spilt Milk’

The simple, peasant style cheese uses left over milk so that beautiful South Australian products do not go to waste.


South Australian Food Ambassador and Director of Woodside Cheese Wrights, Kris Lloyd, has created a new cheese named Spilt Milk, a collaboration to support dairy farmers and other South Australian businesses during these challenging times.

Kris said, “the recent sudden closure of restaurants, cafes and hotels has been a huge blow to the food industry.”

“We could have stopped producing cheese and waited for the current circumstance to blow over but we wanted to keep our dairy farmers in business, people employed and our loyal customers happy so we made the decision to keep making cheese.”

“We continued to take milk from our dairy farmers, making our food service items — Persian Feta, Goat Curd and Brie wheels, which we continued to sell with a reduced margin to keep them moving, but there was still left-over milk,” Kris continued.

From this, a new simple peasant style cheese, made with 100% South Australian Goat Milk washed in Vintage Cider from Sparkke, was created.

The collaboration has seen a delicious new cheese brought to life so that beautiful products do not go to waste.

“We wanted a cheese that could soak up the excess milk, mature over a few months, something full of flavour and character and lastly a cheese we could if need be hang on to for many months, given at that time we saw no real end point.”

Senior Cheesemaker Mitch Lloyd has been making and trialling the cheese for the last six weeks scrubbing the cheese with the cider to create a washed rind surface. Powered by the cider the rind flavours the cheese with gorgeous caramel notes.

Spilt Milk has been maturing over the last couple of months and now it will be available exclusively to members of their new Clever Little Cheese Club (CLCC) which launches in June and is a quarterly or monthly seasonal cheese delivery service straight to the door of cheese lovers!

“We are excited for our Clever Little Cheese Club members to try this new cheese with a big heart. It is a reminder that something special can be created when your back is against the wall. All it takes is heart and perseverance, because there is no use crying over spilt milk!”

The Clever Little Cheese Club offers members new releases, exclusives, one offs, blasts from the past and even some of our experiments to get their feedback.

To sign up to the Clever Little Cheese Club and get the first taste of Spilt Milk, visit

Clever Little Cheese Club: Season Pass Club $80/quarterly

Quarterly season deliveries to your door, six handmade cheeses made in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills from locally sourced milk.

Includes: Spilt Milk 200g| Edith 150g| Goat Curd 125g| Persian Buffalo Feta 300g | Charleston 110g | Crackers 100g made in South Australia |Mystery Cheese 150g

Clever Little Cheese Club: Cheese Tragic $75/month

Monthly delivery to your door, four handmade cheeses made in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills from locally sourced milk.

Includes: Spilt Milk 200g| Charleston Brie 110g| Vigneron 110g | Cow Persian Feta 300g

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