Krispy Kreme Celebrates 79th Birthday with 79c Dozen

Krispy Kreme Celebrates 79th Birthday with 79c Dozen

On Wednesday 13 July, Krispy Kreme South Australia will celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 79th Birthday with a very special offer



Some of you may remember back in the days when Krispy Kreme wasn’t in Adelaide. When colleagues or friends would travel interstate, they’d return laden with dozens of coveted doughnuts from the famous brand, filling up overhead lockers with the precious cargo, and making the rest of us jealous. I even remember a fundraiser to help with the SA fires, whereby hundreds of hundreds of Krispy Kremes were shipped in from interstate, to assist with the cause. Regardless of your memories, Adelaide’s love for these small, sweet treats, is insatiable, and we’ve discovered an offer happening tomorrow that you’ll want to know about.

On Wednesday 13 July, Krispy Kreme South Australia will celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 79th Birthday with a dozen doughnuts for only 79 cents. There’s a catch of course, as we expected there to be, but it’s not a big one. Any customer that purchases any pre-pack dozen assorted or Original Glazed doughnuts will get a second dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts for just 79 cents. So basically you get stacks of doughnuts for your dough. Awesome.

“Last year was Krispy Kreme South Australia’s first birthday celebrations, and we have never seen the production line at our Port Road factory store busier,” said Krispy Kreme General Manager Mark Higginbottom.

“Our factory store at West Croydon is the largest Krispy Kreme doughnut line in the Asia Pacific region with the capacity to make 5,000 doughnuts per hour, and last year we were close to capacity!” said Mr Higginbottom.

“The other factory store at Port Wakefield Road will also be manufacturing delicious Original Glaze doughnuts and we expect it to be busy there too,” said Mark.

“South Australian’s have embraced Krispy Kreme and we look forward to celebrating and sharing our birthday with our customers,” said Mr Higginbottom.

“When the hot light is on it means the famous Original Glazed doughnuts are in production and our guests get a FREE doughnut, our famous hot light is sure to be switch on at our factory stores on our birthday!” said Mark.

This special birthday treat will be available at the five locations around Adelaide.

Birthday Trading Hours are:

City, 76 Gouger Street, Adelaide       (Open 7.00am – 10.00pm)

City, 1/28 Grenfell Street, Adelaide   (Open 7.00am – 7.00pm)

Westfield Marion Shopping Centre   (Open 9.00am – 5.30pm)

And the two factory stores, Open 24/7:

563 Port Road, West Croydon and    (from midnight – 11:59pm)

853 Port Wakefield Road, Bolivar    (from midnight – 11:59pm)



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