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Krispy Kreme launches donut wedding cakes

Donut empire Krispy Kreme have launched donut wedding cakes in South Australia, the state home to the first-ever “Krispy Kreme Wedding.”

It’s time to say “I do(ughnut):” Krispy Kreme has launched donut wedding cakes. 

The iconic, much-loved donut empire recently unveiled a tower of delicious donuts in an effort to secure their invite to all of Australia’s weddings. 

The donut wedding cake, called the Wedding Dozen, has white chocolate truffle donuts with sprinkled sugar pearls drizzled in white chocolate. “A unique and delicious addition to your special day,” the donuts are $39.95 per dozen with a minimum requirement of three dozens. In the company’s photo, the donuts are decorated with flowers and a cake stand to really complete the look. 

While Krispy Kreme’s wedding tower is a new addition, South Australia is no stranger to Krispy Kreme weddings. In fact, the very first Krispy Kreme wedding in Australia (and possibly the world) happened in SA in 2019. 

SA residents Blake and Brooke Pulic got married in Adelaide Botanic Gardens in what was dubbed Adelaide’s “Krispy Kreme Wedding.” The pair first met in Krispy Kreme West Croydon, so they commemorated their meet-cute by incorporating a donut-filled table at their ceremony, and even wedding photos in the Krispy Kreme––complete with a wedding dress and monogrammed donuts. 

Now, all South Aussies can include Krispy Kreme in their nuptials, opting to replace a traditional cake with individual sugary donuts. As the company puts it, “all you need is love and doughnuts.”

Find out more about the Wedding Dozen here

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