Kytons Bakery share the secret to success of 10 year Fruchocs collab

It’s an exciting year for Kytons as they mark their 10 year anniversary of the collaboration with Menz fruchocs as well as a change to their regular buns

All images: Kytons Bakery

Easter is upon us which can only mean one thing. Hot. Cross. Buns. And it wouldn’t be a South Australian Easter without the best buns in the biz from the local legends at Kytons.

Kytons Bakery is synonymous with Easter. They’ve been making their fluffy buns right here in Adelaide since 1938 and this year is extra special as Kytons celebrate some exciting news.

Kytons Menz FruChocs Hot Cross Buns are turning 10!

10 years ago, a radio competition was run across Adelaide to find a new and unique flavour of hot cross buns. After some *interesting* submissions the ultimate winner was the combination of two South Australian icons and the Kytons Menz Fruchoc Bun was born.

The winning combination saw people queuing for hours just to get their hands on the ‘limited edition’ buns leaving Kytons owners Sharon and Darren Sutton no choice but to make them a permanent part of their range.

A decade on and the Fruchocs buns are one of the most popular products in the Kytons collection.

The secret to their success? The combination of two SA icons. “It’s a great celebration of two fabulous SA companies,” says Kytons owner, Sharon Sutton. “Kytons award winning hot cross buns, plus SA’s iconic FrucChocs – a match made in SA heaven”.

Speaking of their hot cross bun collection, the guys at Kytons have one more exciting announcement – They’ve gone vegan!! That’s right, both their traditional AND fruitless buns are now completely vegan allowing even more South Aussies to enjoy their fresh, fluffy buns.

The hardworking bakers at Kytons have managed to make their much-loved goods vegan without compromising on the quality you know and love. In fact, you’d never even know that anything has changed.

“We’ve been working on this for a couple of years, but finally the product and the packaging have all come together.” said Sharon, “We’ve had so many requests for this to happen, we’re really glad we can deliver a Vegan-Friendly bun. We hope that now even more South Australians are able to enjoy Kytons Hot Cross Buns as part of their Easter celebrations”.

Using only premium, Aussie grown flour and fruit it’s no wonder Kytons are previous winners of the NATIONAL Hot Cross Bun Competition (yes that means they are amongst the best hot crossys in the country!!).

Baked right here in Adelaide, Kytons have made it easier than ever to enjoy their tasty treats this easter with pick up available fresh from the source in Edwardstown or from Foodland, Drakes, selected IGA’s and gourmet fruit and veggie stores as well as Kytons online and community fundraising drives

Kytons hot cross buns are available in a variety of sizes to suit your appetite from 6 packs to trays of up to 54 buns! If you’re me, you would keep all 54 for yourself but if you’re feeling festive and want to share the love, why not take some into the office and show your work family just how ‘bun-derful’ they are!

Slathered with butter, toasted to perfection or even arranged into a croquembouche, there’s no denying that hot cross buns are a vital part of every Easter and Kytons are here to provide.

Kytons Bakery is located at 15 Lindsay Avenue, Edwardstown SA 5039

Open weekdays 9am-2pm

For more information or to make an order check out their website.

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