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La Chiva Taqueria spices things up with new Mexican menu items and feed-me option

La Chiva Taqueria is spicing things up with fresh menu items, featuring Coeliac-friendly Mexican dishes, and an epic feed-me option.

La Chiva Taqueria, located on Grote Street in Adelaide’s CBD, is spicing things up with fresh menu items, featuring Coeliac-friendly dishes, and an epic feed-me option, complimented by wine pairings.

The Mexican restaurant has expanded its menu to include tasty new dishes like Birria Tacos, Tostadas, and Entradas. Staying true to their commitment, all menu items are gluten-free, and they have vegan options on the feed-me menu to ensure nobody misses out.

“Everything is gluten-free, we don’t even have flour on the premise. It’s completely Coeliac friendly,” La Chiva Owner Paula says.

“The whole menu is adaptable, so if someone is vegan, we can accommodate to that.”

La Chiva’s new feed-me menu, priced at $45 for four courses, gives diners the opportunity to enjoy a selection of their finest dishes. For an additional $25, guests can take their dining experience to the next level with wine pairings… to have a bit more fun.

From succulent pulled pork in the Cerdo taco, to the fusion delight of the Pato taco featuring Peking Duck, La Chiva’s menu boasts a variety of epic flavours. Vegan options, such as the Enoki taco with battered mushroom and amba mayo, showcase the restaurant’s commitment to catering to different dietary preferences.

In response to popular demand, La Chiva has you covered for more delicious moments throughout the week. The restaurant is now serving up lunch on Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 2pm, alongside dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

La Chiva Taqueria is spicing up Mexican dining in Adelaide with its fresh menu items, highlighting Coeliac-friendly options, and an exciting feed-me menu, complimented by wine pairings. From Birria Tacos, to Tostadas, and Entradas, try it all during their updated opening hours!

La Chiva Taqueria
Where: 42 Grote St, Adelaide
Open: Lunch: Thursday and Friday 12pm to 2pm | Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday 5.30pm-9.30pm
Instagram: @lachivataqueria
For more information, click here.

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