Labor calls for all of South Australia to receive same COVID financial support​

Labor has called for COVID-19 support to cover regional South Australia, which is currently excluded from lockdown financial support.

Labor is calling for the Marshall Liberal Government to ensure all of South Australia is eligible to receive the same COVID-19 financial support.

Late yesterday, the Morrison Federal Government declared the Adelaide metropolitan area a COVID-19 hotspot, meaning workers in the area affected by the lockdown are eligible for financial support.

However, this does not cover regional South Australia, which is subject to the same lockdown restrictions as the metropolitan area. Currently, someone in Gawler is eligible for support, but someone in Mt Barker is not.

The Morrison Government did not specify support for affected businesses in its statement.

In New South Wales and Victoria, the state governments there have stepped up to contribute towards financial support to ensure workers and businesses in both the city and the regions are eligible.

For instance, in Victoria the Federal Government is providing financial support for workers in the metropolitan area, while the Victorian State Government is covering the cost of support for workers in regional areas.

SA Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas said “Workers and businesses across South Australia are hurting right now. They need support.”

“The statewide lockdown affects the entire state, and regional South Australian workers and businesses shouldn’t miss out on financial support. It shouldn’t matter where you live, everyone should receive the same support.”

Malinauskas continued, saying “I call on the Marshall Liberal Government to follow the lead of New South Wales and Victoria and ensure all affected workers and businesses, in both metropolitan and regional areas, get the support they need.”

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