Labor Party predicted to win the 2022 Australian Federal election

Australia has spoken with the 2022 Federal election bringing over 17,228,900 voters into polling stations across the country.

Source: Glam Adelaide

The Labor Party is projected to defeat Scott Morrison’s Coalition government, to form the next government of Australia.

Labor had a clear majority in parliament, ABC Chief Election Analyst Antony Green said it will be able to form a government in minority at the very least.

Polls have closed for the 2022 Federal election, with voters across the country making their ballot papers count.

With 17,228,900 Australians enrolled to vote, the country has spent the past few weeks considering the future of the leadership of the country.

The race for the position of Prime Minister was predominantly between Scott Morrison and opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

Remaining votes to be counted will see the winner become be the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

This election will be one of the most complete electoral rolls in history with around 17 million Australians enrolled to vote.

The count began at 6pm Saturday 21 May after polls closed but final results will take time.

There are 151 seats in the House of Representatives, with 76 needed to win an outright majority.

Going into the election the Coalition had 75 seats to Labor’s 68, plus eight crossbenchers.

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