Ladyhawke Live

The dichotomy between Ladyhawke’s Pip Brown during and between numbers on her live shows is nothing short of striking. She sneers and snarls on tracks like 'Girl Like Me' and 'Paris Is Burning', yet shyly says on stage after finishing, head facing the ground "…I hate the sound of my own voice". Pip, give yourself a bit more credit – have you heard yourself sing?

Heavier than her new wave self-titled debut, tracks from latest album Anxiety rocked in a live setting. She upped the ante on her older tracks too, thankfully; 'Magic' was loud and brash, the drums on 'Dusk til Dawn' went harder, and inevitable closer 'My Delirium toed the line between back-alley garage rock and electropop – and I loved every second of it.

The trippy piano work on 'Vanity' made me want to go home and jam to it all night on my iPod (which I did), while 'Cellophane', one of Anxiety's riskiest cuts seemed to work all too well amongst the crunchy guitars and loud bass lines. Not to mention I almost forgot how many of Pip's songs had 'ah ah's and 'na na na, na na na' in them until I heard them live again.

Embodying every meaning of the words 'guilty pleasure', Ladyhawke's brand of new wave meets indie rock is almost like it's very own 80s tribute act – keeping all the youthful fun and exuberance with none of the bad hair or promiscuity. Perhaps if Pip was watching from where I was, she wouldn’t have so many qualms with being on stage.

Album Anxiety is in stores now.
Special thanks to Kylie from Martini Media.


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