Langhorne Creek Welcomes Floodwaters

Lake_Plains_Road_optAfter 5 years of dryness the Langhorne Creek wine region has welcomed the return of flooding back to the region.

The wine region, located in the Fleurieu Peninsula near Lake Alexandrina, last night experienced the result of the recent heavy rains in the Adelaide Hills when the two rivers that pass through the town, the Bremer and Angas Rivers, broke their banks and flooded the vineyards most central to the township of Langhorne Creek.

The flooding has not happened since 2004 and not only provides a welcome drink for the premium grapes that are grown in the region but also for the beautiful River Red Gums located in now overflowing swamps throughout the region.

“Some of the oldest vines in the region were established on the Langhorne Creek natural floodplain to take advantage of the regular winter flooding,” says Lian Jaensch, Executive Officer of the Langhorne Creek Wine Industry Council.

“It’s great to see after many years of drought the return of the winter floodwaters.”

To date the flooding has not reached the levels of both the 2003 and 2004 floods, but with further rains predicted for the Adelaide Hills in coming weeks the township hopes to see the main road in Langhorne Creek awash with water; although fish have already been seen swimming across Step Rd!

Additionally the great rainfall throughout this year has resulted in water from both the Bremer River and Angas River reaching Lake Alexandrina. The first decent flows in many years.

“The amount of rain we’ve had this winter is a huge benefit to the entire region,” says Lian Jaensch.

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