LCND is Adelaide’s up and coming artist you need to know

To kickstart your knowledge on the Adelaide arts scene we sat down with muralist Lucinda Penn (AKA LCND)  to uncover the details behind her work. 

All images: Lucinda Penn

Staying up-to-date with the Australian art scene or starting to discover the beauty of public art?  Either way, finding up-and-coming artists can be quite the feat without a little direction. To kickstart your knowledge on the Adelaide arts scene we sat down with muralist Lucinda Penn, who operates under the moniker LCND,  to uncover the details behind her work. 

Having always had an interest and a clear artistic talent Lucinda launched her art career on Instagram in 2013 under the previous handle Lucindapenndrawings. Her art account which started largely as a hobby quickly grew into a small business. 

“I had just got my first iPhone and wanted a way to put my art on it, so I traced my phone, drew mandala patterns on that piece of paper and put it in a clear phone case, “ said Lucinda. 

“I started making different designs and people liked them.” 

As Lucinda’s following continued to grow, her art has evolved with her. In 2018 she changed her artistic pseudonym to LCND. 

“Once I finished school I went into making earrings and then I was able to draw on one of my teacher’s guitars. I was changing and growing and my style became more graphic so the name change felt right,” she continued.

“The turning point for me was the piece I did when I returned from a school India trip and also when I won the poster design competition for the Groovin the Moo Festival in 2016.”

It was during this time the young artist says she found her style and discovered the medium of digital art using an IPad. 

Since graduating high school in 2017, Lucinda has gone on to recently graduate with a Bachelor of Design; Communication Design from UniSA all whilst painting half of Adelaide. 

In the past four years, she has grown to one of Adelaide’s most recognisable muralists with artwork across the state in the Adelaide hills, Unley, Noarlunga, Barossa, Adelaide. Central Market, Felixstowe, and many residential homes all across SA.

“I have had to become really good at juggling”  she jokes. 

“I’ve been studying full time and painting full time so I’m excited to be done so I can focus on what I like doing.”

Lucinda who has now amassed a combined following of over 5000 says she loves creating art for the joy it brings to the community. 

“I’m really interested in the positive psychology around public art and the good it does for the community.” 

In the past year, she has opened limited workshops where she allows members of the public to assist her. 

“The workshops that I do where I open mural painting to the public, have been really popular. I have a very graphic style and use lots of block colours, so I can coach and mentor volunteers to help me fill in my designs in the public realm.”

“Having the relevant community involved in public art is really special.”

However, it’s not just locals who have been participating in Lucinda’s workshops “people have been travelling from far and wide for workshops to explore new places through participating.”

For anyone who has visited any of her murals that continue to pop up, you can feel the joy she is trying to evoke through the bright colours and intricate designs. 

As for 2022, Lucinda is gearing up for bigger and better things: 

“Iterations and growth within my life have aligned with my art doing the same thing,” Lucinda explained; so expect some big changes next year. 

“2022 will be the first year I’m not studying full time so I’m moving out to live with two other artists, where I can hopefully set up a home studio.” 

“I want to put out more self-directed work, I have an exhibition in April, and Adelaide City Council have approved a grant for a mural on a three-story residential building,” said Lucinda.

When she isn’t busy painting the town Lucinda is offering her wisdom to smaller artists. 

“Mentorship is available, I’m always open to giving advice to budding creatives.”

“My advice is you’ve got to keep trying different things and keep going with trial and error,  one medium might work for you and the other won’t so through practice you’ll grow a style and a method.”

When asked if she still enjoys art or if her hobby has become work she answered:

“I still draw for leisure and find painting very therapeutic so I enjoy doing it and I’m always open to an idea if youre serious about it, different projects excite me.”

Lucinda relishes the opportunities she has to transform public and private spaces to tell stories through the use of symbolism.

“Connecting with people is the whole drive behind my work and being able to do this in a public realm is the best place to do it.”

For commissions and enquires contact Lucinda at @lcnd_ on Instagram and Facebook

Check out her latest mural at Two Hands Winery here

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