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Leading Personal Development Author & Presenter Michael Rowland Presents His Film ‘Being In Heaven’

Being In HeavenThe film BEING IN HEAVEN is a journey of revelation and awakening that reveals the truth about our search for meaning, freedom and personal happiness.

BEING IN HEAVEN stars Michael Domeyko Rowland and Daniel Whyte (ex Flinders University) in a story for those interested in personal development and moving their lives forward to new and more fulfilling experiences. Come on a journey of revelation and awakening and discover how a single conversation with the right person can transform your life forever and set you on a path of freedom and personal happiness.  What will the rest of 2010 hold in store for you?  Let BEING IN HEAVEN help you transform and enrich your life.

Writer, actor, director Michael Domeyko Rowland will be in Adelaide to conduct question and answer discussions at the following sessions of BEING IN HEAVEN at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas:

6.15pm Thursday 8 July, Friday 9 July, Saturday 10 July, Sunday 11 July

Tickets are available now at the box office or online at

Attendees at all sessions can also receive a FREE companion book to the film.

BEING IN HEAVEN will open for a limited season on July 8, 2011

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