Learn how to make Gözleme in a special cooking class this June, led by an expert in Turkish cuisine

Turkish cuisine lovers will have the chance to learn the art of making Gözleme, a popular Turkish flatbread, through a special cooking class.

In the vibrant array of Turkish cuisine, gözleme stands out for its simplicity, versatility, and grassroots popularity. This traditional Turkish flatbread, deftly stuffed and cooked over a griddle, has gained popularity in Australia too, often popping up at events like WOMADelaide, and the Adelaide International, where its easy-to-eat format, and indulgent flavour, makes it a hit.

And now, in a stroke of luck for fans, Turkish cuisine lovers will have the chance to learn the art of making Gözleme, at a unique cooking class which will be held at WEA in Adelaide on Tuesday June 4th.

The class will be led by Hikmet Tolotta, a cooking tutor originally from Kastamonu, Turkey, who is known for her expertise in Turkish cooking.

With an background that includes running her own catering business, Nar Delights, and an admirable teaching portfolio, Hikmet brings genuine insight into Turkish cooking traditions.

During the three-hour class, which runs from 6pm to 9pm, guests will explore how to make Gözleme, starting with the traditional preparation methods Hikmet learned in her hometown, to methods that have captured the heart’s of Australians.

“In most of my classes, I like to introduce Turkish cuisine, because in Australia, most people only know a few dishes, one of them being Gözleme,” Hikmet said.

Participants will have the opportunity to prepare three different types of Gözleme fillings, catering to a range of dietary preferences from vegan to meat options.

Hikmet puts emphasis on practical learning, as it allows guests to replicate the dishes at home. Hikmet will also guide participants in how to source authentic Turkish ingredients locally, as well as suitable substitutes that people can find in their local supermarkets.

Arriving 14 years ago to Australia from Turkey, Hikmet transitioned from a career with Pepsi in Turkey to childcare in Australia, eventually launching her own Turkish catering business. Her evolution from business and childcare to cooking arts showcases her skills and passion for Turkish food, which she now shares through her classes at WEA.

“I love to share stories from my childhood and my hometown,” Hikmet said.

For those interested in learning even more about Turkish cuisine, Hikmet also offers courses on Turkish soups, breakfasts, desserts, pastries, and even Ottoman palace cuisine. Her classes cater to a growing interest in diverse food experiences and understanding different cultural culinary practices.

And for those wanting to try Hikmet’s Turkish cuisine, Nar Delights Pop Up Cafe is serving Turkish inspired soups, snacks and desserts, Turkish coffee and barista made coffee during school terms every Wednesday and Friday between 8am-4pm under the courtyard of North East Community House. 

Hikmet also recommends trying Hatun Café for Turkish inspired breakfast and lunch, Istanbul Lounge for desserts, and Ottoman Grill in Glenelg for a comprehensive Turkish dining experience.

Where: WEA, 223 Angas St, Adelaide SA 5000
When: Tuesday June 4th, 6pm-9pm
For more information and to buy tickets, click here.

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