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Presented by Lennon Brothers
Reviewed Wednesday 26 September 2012

The good old circus theme music may be replaced by a modern, pumping score, but all the showmanship and fun of the fair remains with Australia's longest running traditional circus.

The Lennon Bros Circus has been around for 119 years, presenting a variety of local and international acts. Along with the daredevil stunts of tightrope walkers, the corde lisse (single rope act), jugglers, clowns and flying trapeze, the Lennon Bros also boast performing lions, monkeys, llamas, Liberty horses, camels, miniature donkeys and dogs.

While today's modern sensibilities may raise some concerns about circus animals, it's clear how well cared for these performing beasts are, with the animals all enjoying their 'playtime' in the ring with their trainer. Each short act maintains the rapid pace of the overall show with the first hour alone boasting 9 different acts.

The entertainment is geared for all ages, offering a hefty helping of both comedy and tension. Trainer Jay Lennon opens with performing African lions leaping, climbing and even barking like a dog. Lara Elise follows with a daredevil swing on a high rope before the comedy canines steal the show with their enthusiasm and crazy antics. Buff Chilean acrobat Valentino makes several appearances to perform on the bouncing rope and flying trapeze amongst other feats, while other members of the Lennon family include Zoey and Jordan as a clowning duo, and Melony Lennon with her Liberty ponies.

The Lennons aren't the only circus family to be seen however. There's a father making several appearances alongside his talented 11 year old daughter. Other acts include hoola hoops, a rubber lady and a balancing act, interspersed by clowns and introduced by an enthusiastic ringmaster with more costume changes than there are sideshow attractions outside the big top.

With up to three shows per day during the school holidays, it's an ideal trip down memory lane for the folks and an exciting, fairy-floss fantasy for the kids. Ideal holiday entertainment.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis, Performing Arts Critic, Glam Adelaide.

Venue: Bonython Park
Season: 21 September – 14 October at 11am, 2pm or 7pm depending on the day
Duration: 2 hours
Tickets: $15.00 – $40.00
Bookings: Buy tickets online or phone 0408 536 666, or at the gate 1 hour before show time




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