Leon Bignell MP Announces Initiative To Help Kangaroo Island Residents

Leon Bignell MP has shared an initiative to provide bushfire-impacted Kangaroo Island residents with generators to help them rebuild.

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Leon Bignell MP took to Facebook to share his initiative to help residents on Kangaroo Island rebuild their homes and businesses with the assistance of generators, stating:

“It’s a pretty good feeling when you get to hand over a brand new generator to a farmer who has lost everything in a bushfire. When you’ve lost your home to a fire the most important thing is to get back on to your patch of land to grieve, to clean-up and to rebuild. Without electricity the cleaning and rebuilding is beyond difficult. 

If bigger businesses and associations would like to make a practical difference to victims of the bushfires on Kangaroo Island then they can buy a generator for the farming families and other residents who have been left homeless by the fires. 

They have now been burning for more than 25 days and aren’t even close to being extinguished. 

BankSA and Hotels & Clubs of South Australia (AHA SA & Clubs SA) have kicked off our scheme with a combined contribution of $65,000 which is an outstanding commitment from two organisations with deep roots and connections right across South Australia. 

The plan is that we buy all the generators from the six Kangaroo Island businesses that stock them. 

If people keep sending goods to the island bought on the mainland we will kill the economy of a region already under massive stress. 

If you have $1200 or more to contribute then please send me an email to [email protected] with generator in the subject line and we will be in touch to line you up with a KI retailer. 

If you’ve lost your home or have no power then please email us your details so we can match need with generators. There are some delays in getting generators to the island so please be patient. 

I’d love to thank the awesome Australian Army who collected the first 13 generators from Ugly Dog Transport on Kangaroo Island, prepared them, filled them with fuel and started delivering them.

Thanks also to Landmark for your help. The sensational, compassionate and caring Kaytee Collins and Nick Reade at BankSA, Ian Horne and David Basheer and all the pubs and clubs who have contributed. It has been an amazing team effort. 

Last week individuals and small businesses combined to buy 141 UHF 2-Way radios for the farm fire fighters who have been brilliant in their non-stop work on the fireground. They have saved so many homes and we helped save some of their lives with those radios. 

I’m sure these generators are going to make a huge difference as well.”

You can read the original post on Leon Bignell’s Facebook page here.

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